Superhero Suppliers


It’s hard not to see every event supplier providing for the burgeoning 2022 calendar on the back of such a lean, unpredictable 2021, as a superhero.

This supplement singles out suppliers that event organisers can turn to last minute, from planning, to platforms and other increasingly ‘must have’ tech, trackway, corporate gifts, badging, LED screen hire and much more.

These companies can be superheroes just for…as long as you need them to be.

Delays, broken equipment, a key person falling ill, anything can happen on an event site, be in a room or in a field, and contingency is a crucial element in even the most simple plan.  So, here are the names, and the stories behind, the companies on our 2022 list.  


Event planning is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person, it is a complex project that requires a wide range of expertise. You must streamline every step while ensuring that nothing falls out of the line.

A successful event does not happen by accident. It is important for an event planner to rely on strategy and process especially if you are working on a tight schedule. Canapii makes the entire event organization easier to manage – from registration to post event analytics, our digital tools and solutions allow you to streamline your entire event organization — all in one place. Canapii is accessible to everyone, whether you are looking to host a small online workshop or a large-scale conference.

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Plant Designs

At Plant Designs, you can be sure that your event will stand out from the crowd. Plants are at the forefront of what we do and with an expert team of plant lovers, we are on hand to design and install displays that are not only stunning but provide a wealth of benefits to those around them. From live planting through to preserved or dried foliage, we are here to create the perfect look to add colour, texture, and nature to your event.

We offer a wide selection of greenery displays that range from simple freestanding plants to bespoke creations that are designed to suit your requirements, so whatever your vision is, we are here to bring it to life. With Plant Designs, moss walls become the perfect holder for brand logos, dried foliage becomes stunning photo backdrops, live plants become memorable event entrances, and so much more.

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RainFocus flexibility everything you need to create memorable in-person, virtual, and hybrid events

In 2020, event organizers around the world were confronted with difficult decisions on whether to postpone, cancel, or pivot their events. For organizations looking to move forward, RainFocus stepped in to seamlessly pivot events from physical to virtual delivery in just a few weeks, fully preserving valuable data from registrations and beyond — and driving event success regardless of format.

Since then, the RainFocus Platform has proven time and time again to provide the flexibility, scalability, and reliability that organizations need to hold successful events. With end-to-end functionality, event organizers can leverage RainFocus for every event need, whether their events are virtual, physical, or hybrid. The company’s robust platform includes tools for attendee, speaker, and exhibitor management; content delivery; gamification; reporting; engagement scoring; and much more — all of which can be configured easily in a short amount of time with the support of RainFocus’ client success team.

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EverythingBranded proves promotional products have place in your space

EverythingBranded has been at the forefront of the Promotional Products industry for over twelve years. In that time, our company has established a global supply chain, an extensive product range, and a five-star customer experience. Built on a foundation of transparency and the forgotten art of listening to customers, we pride ourselves on offering the right products, at the right price, and for the right time.

At EverythingBranded we supply high-quality branded promotional merchandise to help your business look the best it can. A small army of dedicated account managers are on hand to assist those who are new to the promotional product world and ensure you are in safe hands. If you don’t know where to start, they will help you through the ordering process: from choosing the right bespoke promotional product for your business or event, to product design, all the way through to your delivery preferences.

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Thearent specializes in the rental and sale of textile products for theatre, television productions, events, trade fairs, concerts, and location design. We are your partner for rental, sales, projects, installation, and fixed installations. From our broad, high-quality, up-to-date range, we offer the right combination of materials and services for every creative idea. With our technical expertise, we can quickly and adequately provide you the right solution. We are based in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, and the USA.

Thanks to our experience in the various aspects of shows and events, Thearent is a high-level player within the worldwide industry. Thearent works with national and international productions. Thearent is a company with a mission, born out of a passion for the business, and became big by maintaining quality.

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Brella is an all-in-one event platform acclaimed for its standout AI-powered networking.

With a presence in 60+ countries, the brand supports some of the largest in-person, hybrid, and virtual events in the world with a full spectrum of precision tooling including in-built streaming, intuitive registration & check-in solutions, engagement tools, sponsor features, meticulous data & analytics, and much more.

Since 2015, Brella’s advanced networking capabilities have helped facilitate over a million of meaningful connections in line with their mission of bringing attendees together for memorable, relevant, and engaging meetings.

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EPEAK Studio

COVID-19 dealt the event industry quite a blow as companies and organizations lost staff and resources through numerous lockdowns and cost saving actions. Budgets were tight and scheduled events were either canceled or postponed to later dates. However, out of this event downturn, virtual conferences came into play, allowing these vendors to continue their annual events using remote technologies.

With the need to produce important outreach to their customers, vendors and organizations needed to collaborate with an agency that could immediately and efficiently produce their digital events.

EPEAK Studio answered the call.

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At Expo, we make all kinds of events all kinds of easy with the all-in-one Expo Pass event technology platform. Our future-thinking technologies give organizers like you the tools to plan, track, and host any kind of event, in-person, virtual, or hybrid. And our intuitive products are designed so you can immediately hit the ground running.

That doesn’t mean we’re ever out of reach though. We will never leave you hanging! From day one, we pair each client with an experienced and dedicated Event Success Manager. Which is really just our way of saying, “We know you got this. But we’re always here if you need anything.”

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Davis Trackhire

Family owned and operated since 2010, Davis Trackhire has quickly gained a reputation among the Outdoor Events sector as one of the most professional, reliable and customer-focused temporary access suppliers in the industry. With more than 120 years combined operations experience throughout the company we offer a fully comprehensive and competitive UK-wide service from our depots in Glasgow and Retford, aiming to supply the very best equipment with a first class customer service, and are the UK’s largest independent suppliers of aluminium Trackway.

Our number one priority on all projects is the safety of our clients and staff – and with our team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals working with you from point of enquiry through install to completion, we promise to supply your ground protection and temporary access requirements with the highest level of precision and care.

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Event. Gifting. 

Two little words. One incredible amount of work. And a very important event element that may raise more questions than answers for event planners and their teams. 

How to align the gifts to the event and the brand and sponsors? What if we don’t choose the right options? How can we make it meaningful and memorable? How to make it easy. How to get them into the hands of event attendees efficiently and with an element of fun? Perhaps, how to gift to individuals around the world, all in one seamless way? 

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David Bloch International

As a Live Events Producer and Creative Show Director, David has also staged high-profile events and managed talent for a number of prominent organisations, both in South Africa and abroad. He conceptualises, creates, produces, directs, sources and manages a variety of bespoke entertainment content, not just for live events, but for television productions as well. He credits his training in Musical Theatre, paired with over two decades of working experience, as well as his comprehensive global network, to the success of his collaborative partnerships over his illustrious career.

Over the years David has had the pleasure and privilege of working with a variety of artists and speciality acts, many of whom have appeared on international television programmes such as Dancing with the Stars, Strictly Come Dancing, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Spain’s Got Talent and The Voice Mexico. Many have also featured in acclaimed productions staged around the world, the most notable being Cirque du Soleil. Some of his featured artists include SEAL, Academy Award Winner and fellow South African Charlize Theron and Trevor Noah, David Blaine and Emmy Award-winning Choreographer Derek Hough.

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3 ways Event Specialists has become the “Superhero” of events

A “superhero” may not wear a cape in the Event industry, but the best Event partner can save the day.

In the early days of building Event Specialists, I envisioned a world where corporate events could not only be entirely stress-free; I saw the potential of events to be profitable, brand-building experiences which could engage, empower and captivate attendees – and turn them into a true community.

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Entegy: Rapidly deployable, all-in-one platform

Entegy is the ultimate event superhero platform. Not only can you create a new event in seconds but also instantly deploy all or parts of its end-to-end feature sets and onsite tools. This means the platform can do everything from run your entire event, or simply design and generate some great looking badges to send down to your local printer. Further to this, you can manage the entire process from one central place with the click of a few buttons.

Entegy is an intuitive and easy-to-use events management, communication, and engagement platform, designed specifically for business events. The platform allows anyone to create and manage the entire event lifecycle from a single system.

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ID Card Centre: Express Badging Services for Events

Here at ID Card Centre, we’re dedicated to ensuring we meet your needs for events supplies, even at short notice. Our UK-based expert team is on hand to help you with queries about event badge printing, lanyards and other accessories.

We hold a wide range of products in stock. All orders for stock items placed before 3pm will be sent for next-day UK delivery, so we can help you out even when you’re in a rush. Our support team is also on hand to help with anything you might need, from advice before making your purchase to set-up and installation recommendations to resolve any technical problems.

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We don’t believe ourselves to be the heroes in your story. We do firmly believe that every hero needs guidance on their way to triumph. This is where Evenium comes in, to empower the true heroes – event planners and marketers – on their path to success. Leaders in the event technology industry since 2000, we know a thing or two about helping you achieve your goals. 

Whatever your needs, Evenium’s full suite of integrated end-to-end solutions can help you overcome the most complex obstacles

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Lightmedia Displays: Lighting Up Events for Over 25 Years

Lightmedia Displays Ltd are celebrating 25 years in the LED screen hire business and would like to thank all the clients that have made this success possible as the company looks forward to an exciting future in live events media.

LMD boasts an entire fleet of self-contained mobile LED screens ranging from 12sqm to 45sqm. The company also offers an extensive amount of modular 4mm ACTUAL pixel pitch LED screen panels for indoor & outdoor screen hire, which can be built from 6sqm up to any size required.

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Jordon Freight

Event planning is undoubtedly a complex operation and to keep the stress levels down needs dependability from your logistics suppliers. Everyone involved needs to be rowing in the same direction and communicating effectively, and no more so than in your supply chain.

We here at Jordon have specialized in the movement of event structures and equipment throughout Europe and the UK for over 20 years, providing logistics services for many high-profile events across Europe. Working to strict deadlines we understand the need to simply get the job done when the stakes are high. Structures, marquees, seating, track, barricades, portable toilets, ramps and lots more are part of our weekly shipments throughout the year, successfully co-ordinated and tracked from start to finish by our logistics experts.

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Media 1: Events production company respond with speed and flexibility

Innovative and creative events specialists, Media 1, have been in the business for over 20 years  and have a proven history of working with major pharmaceutical companies around the world.

The arrival of the pandemic in 2020, however, saw them having to completely revolutionise what they could offer. Capitalising on their flexible culture and wealth of experience, the team pivoted seamlessly from running live events to virtual events. Their network of state of the art suppliers enabled them to create hub studios that could run any type of event on whatever platform the client preferred, while using interactive apps at the same time.

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How can Eventmaker help event organizers if needed in short notice?

The SaaS Event Management Software Eventmaker offers you a wide range of tools for a simple, fast and qualitative organization of all your events.

Our Event Management offer

Creation of an event platform

You can initially and in just a few clicks, create an event website entirely in accordance with your brand image. It will be used as a showcase for your event and as an acquisition funnel for transforming visitors into registrants, who will be able to prepare their show, discover exhibitors and browse through program’s sessions.

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Presentation Design Services

We are Presentation Design Services (better known as ‘PDS’), an event production company operating for 20 years across a broad spectrum of live events, activations, theatre production, conferences, exhibitions, and experiential installations.

Our attitude is that, under most circumstances, we will find a way – whatever it is you need and however fast you need it.  Whether that’s an immersive pop-up treehouse experience on the treeless banks of London’s Thames, or a giant compound curved archway covered in real plants for a global conference, we’ll make it happen.

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Tag Digital

Tag Digital is an event marketing agency, suppporting the world’s leading event organisers reach their goals and overcome their digital challenges, from generating ticket sales and exhibitor leads to building new data and digital sponsorship.

Tag Digital specialise in events, ensuring they have unparalleled knowledge of best practices for event marketing campaigns across Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube as their base platforms. Some of their long-standing clients include Informa, Messe Frankfurt, Dubai World Trade Centre and dmg events. Tag Digital uses keyword, audience and behavioural targeting to identify users who might be interested in our clients’ events and then market the appropriate ads to them.

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We are TecnaUK

Event professionals invest time and money into designing great exhibition stands, conference sets and experiential features that will promote their brand positively whilst delivering on impact and leads whilst being cost efficient.

Previously, those on the search for such a solution, were quick to reach for the high-end, design led, bespoke nature of a custom-built exhibition stand or conference feature to fulfil these requirements unless budget constraints meant having to “jazz” up shell scheme with interesting graphics or use roller banners.

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Worried about event attendance? Boost last-minute registrations by targeting the right people with Superlinked

Virtual events are the “new normal”. Despite the gradual return of live events, 70% of event organisers still plan to cater to a virtual audience. Even before this seismic shift brought by the pandemic, bringing in the right audiences to professional events was a challenge. Now it’s even tougher. In response, event professionals are turning to Superlinked, a new audience acquisition platform which helps them attract the ideal audience to their events by focusing their attendee acquisition campaigns.

The B2B events landscape has changed forever

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Digital event services made simple… V-Ex specialises in delivering project managed digital services – quickly

There’s no escaping the need for digital in today’s world. Digital and hybrid events are more popular than ever before, and even traditional exhibition stands and live experiential events require VR, AR, or digital content for audience engagement. Often digital projects need to be delivered on tight schedules, which can be daunting for event professionals without a technical background.

V-Ex has been supporting the events industry with digital solutions for over 10 years. With a wide range of services including live broadcast, digital registration, app development, and 3D modelling, we’re equipped to support event organisers in all things digital. We’ve built our reputation by offering great customer service as standard – which means understanding how to meet tough deadlines.

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HexaFair – All in one innovative virtual & hybrid events platform

HexaFair is an all-in-one 3D Virtual & Hybrid events platform acclaimed for its immersive 3D experience.

With the scale of conducting 500+ successful events across the global countries, HexaFair supports you to host Events, Conferences & Summits, Fairs & Exhibitions, Careers & Job Fairs, Trade Shows, and Industry Expos & Community Networking Meets into one customizable virtual space. To create a unique experience for different event models, HexaFair offers different sets of products with groundbreaking technologies that make event participants feel like they joined a real-life event.

HexaFair offers 3D virtual events platform to experience Events and Conferences and Smart Virtual Fairs to connect exhibitors & audience seamlessly in Fairs and Exhibitions. HexaFair advanced networking capabilities have helped event organizers to ease meaningful connections between attendees into a single monitor to engage, interact, and build networking all over the world. 

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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