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At Expo, we make all kinds of events all kinds of easy with the all-in-one Expo Pass event technology platform. Our future-thinking technologies give organizers like you the tools to plan, track, and host any kind of event, in-person, virtual, or hybrid. And our intuitive products are designed so you can immediately hit the ground running.

That doesn’t mean we’re ever out of reach though. We will never leave you hanging! From day one, we pair each client with an experienced and dedicated Event Success Manager. Which is really just our way of saying, “We know you got this. But we’re always here if you need anything.”

We get that events are more than just technology. Events are about people. And we’ve helped millions of people connect, talk, laugh, and think. Do you have an event coming up soon or in the future? Get in touch for questions, or just say hi anytime!

Our complete suite of tools to take your event next level, even in a pinch!

  • Onsite Badge Printing
  • Check-In
  • Event Registration
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Virtual Experience
  • Event App
  • Attendance Tracking

About Onsite Badge Printing: You design. It Prints. Badge done!

  • Create custom full-color badges for all of your registration types.
  • Just plugin and go. Print badges in real-time as attendees check-in. No ink. No mess. No more alphabetizing.
  • Integrate QR codes for scannable badges that can instantly leverage lead retrieval and session attendance at your event.
  • All the equipment ships quickly right to your event. iPads, printers, and a router with cellular LTE backup are included. Dealing with multiple vendors is a thing of the past!

About Check-In: Check out how to check-in.

  • Give your attendees the ability to check-in, or register and pay instantly on-site.
  • Easily set up the check-in kiosks and be ready to go. Just like that!
  • Feel good with touch screens protected by always-on antiviral and antimicrobial protection.
  • Keep the line moving super-fast with easy-to-use, low-touch check-in.

About Event Registration: Ready, set, register. It’s that easy with a full-featured registration experience.

  • Collect all your payments securely or set it up as a free event.
  • Pre-register attendees for sessions and learn what interests them most.
  • Create custom registration types and custom questions, set capacity limits, and create promo codes.
  • Drop our Html code right on your site for an easy-to-use registration form, or host it with us.

About Lead Retrieval: Relationships are everything. So get leads in a better way. Stoke interest and excite your exhibitors with lead retrieval made simple, smart, and cost-effective.

  • Instantly scan an attendee’s badge and access their contact information.
  • View every scanned prospect across your team in real-time.
  • Create custom qualifier questions to keep track of the best prospects.
  • Download your list of leads in a format that works for your CRM database.

About the Expo Pass Virtual Experience: Easily build a virtual event with an amazing look and feel, complete with your event’s branding, that you and your attendees will love. Great for hybrid events too!

  • Share important event information like agenda, logistics, and session materials with your attendees.
  • Feature sessions, speakers, and your (live, pre-recorded, or on-demand) content. Plus, build value with exhibitor pages and sponsor placements.
  • Give attendees quick event access with Magic Links. Event access in one click!
  • Access attendee data including video consumption. Great for issuing CECs.

About the Event App: Give your attendees the info they need right at their fingertips, available at the time of registration or whenever you choose to share.

  • Access important session information, times, and locations.
  • Build custom schedules so your attendees can stay on track during the event.
  • Learn about the speakers and view their headshots, bios, contact info, and social profiles. Plus, instantly access downloadable session materials.
  • See who else is in attendance by viewing other event attendees.

About Attendance Tracking: We push the limits of attendance tracking past their limits with cutting-edge tech.

  • Scan your attendees into sessions. Or they can scan themselves at our kiosks.
  • Use session validation to make sure everyone ends up at the right place.
  • Trace the whereabouts of attendees. See what sessions they went to and who else was there.
  • Export specific data about your attendees to build out your certificates.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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