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Brella is an all-in-one event platform acclaimed for its standout AI-powered networking.

With a presence in 60+ countries, the brand supports some of the largest in-person, hybrid, and virtual events in the world with a full spectrum of precision tooling including in-built streaming, intuitive registration & check-in solutions, engagement tools, sponsor features, meticulous data & analytics, and much more.

Since 2015, Brella’s advanced networking capabilities have helped facilitate over a million of meaningful connections in line with their mission of bringing attendees together for memorable, relevant, and engaging meetings.

The AI-powered matchmaking relies on a powerful recommendation engine that can analyze thousands of data points and connect top matches in a matter of seconds based on their networking interests. The same applies to event sponsors and partners that can connect straight to their qualified leads.

For instance, a US-based organization that had previously spent up to 3 weeks of manual work to schedule relevant 1:1 meetings between startups and investors, was able to reduce that initial time to only 2 hours with Brella and deliver 400,7% more meetings compared to their old process.

And together with these powerful networking capabilities, here’s why Brella made it to the list of superhero event suppliers!

While a big annual gathering can take up to one full year to set up and execute, Brella has a solid track record of tackling extreme use-cases and delivering remarkable results even on a short notice.


Brella offers a versatile solution that enables event organizers to switch from one event type to another if the need arises. This was the case of Austrian Wine (AWMB), which was able to host the world’s first hybrid wine tasting event with Brella when the pandemic hit, and scored a 100 CSAT rating.

The user experience is optimized for attendees, sponsors, and organizers alike through the admin panel, and whereas Brella’s event experts always recommend opening the platform 2 weeks before the event to foster pre-engagement, building a full-scale event in Brella takes only a few hours. This can tip the scale when a streamlined last-minute solution is paramount.

As with the case of an Australian startup venture company left with no event platform after their initial solution crashed four days before the event. With Brella, they were able to sign a new deal overnight and have their whole event set up on the platform in one day and a half.

And, from AI-powered networking to robust event analytics, Brella provides event organizers with all the essential tools they need to plan and run great events in a single solution.

When an US-based University turned to Brella for help after their existing tech stack collapsed a few days before their major fintech conference, they were able to sign the new deal and jump straight to the onboarding with their dedicated CSM in only one day.

Even though the users weren’t familiar with Brella, they were able to not only build the event on the platform straight away, but they also profited from Brella’s networking and ROI capabilities. In the end, the fintech conference ended up being 4-5x larger than other matching events in North America.

However, the secret to a great last-minute turnaround doesn’t only lie within the product.

Customer centricity is an integral part of the brand’s mindset and – with their almost 50 years of combined experience in event management – the Customer Success and Support teams are always ready to facilitate the customer experience.

Brella’s CSMs know how to go by the book, but they’re also ready to get off the beaten track and tailor the onboarding experience to fully maximize a tight schedule.

As with the case of a North European SaaS community-based company which was able to close the deal and get the whole team onboarded to the platform in a few days. They worked hard together with their CSM to meet all the tight deadlines and got 100% of their attendees networking on Brella.

All in all, thanks to a seamless combination of a cutting-edge yet handy event platform and a customer-centric mindset, Brella provides event organizers all the essential tools to plan successful events, no matter the timing and circumstances.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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