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We don’t believe ourselves to be the heroes in your story. We do firmly believe that every hero needs guidance on their way to triumph. This is where Evenium comes in, to empower the true heroes – event planners and marketers – on their path to success. Leaders in the event technology industry since 2000, we know a thing or two about helping you achieve your goals. 

Whatever your needs, Evenium’s full suite of integrated end-to-end solutions can help you overcome the most complex obstacles:

We do it all within a single, comprehensive platform.

Evenium’s integrated solutions empower event planners and marketers with time and information so you can focus on the content of your event. Freed from logistical constraints and with real-time data at your fingertips, you’ll have what you need to make strategic decisions, maximize event ROI, and firmly establish your spot at the decision-making table.

Evenium is especially recognized for its team of extraordinary Customer Support staff and Project Managers. They travel across the globe whenever their help is needed to set up, assist where necessary, and guide our clients to the best use of Evenium’s solutions for their events. From our European and North American offices, they’re readily available to provide ongoing and real-time support to address any issue our customers may encounter.

With 20+ years of event experience and a wealth of practical implementation know-how in a wide variety of event scenarios, Evenium’s Support and Project managers are an extension of the planner’s team to design and execute the best possible event experience. 

We would love to take you on a test-drive of our solutions! Simply request a demo and set up a preferred time with our team. You can get special private access for you and your team to explore on your own upon request during your free consultation call.

We offer special pricing packages for Public Education and Non-Profits.


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