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Event. Gifting. 

Two little words. One incredible amount of work. And a very important event element that may raise more questions than answers for event planners and their teams. 

How to align the gifts to the event and the brand and sponsors? What if we don’t choose the right options? How can we make it meaningful and memorable? How to make it easy. How to get them into the hands of event attendees efficiently and with an element of fun? Perhaps, how to gift to individuals around the world, all in one seamless way? 

By revealing a new way to gift through Unwrapit. 

Loved by attendees. Often loathed by organizers. Gifting can cause frustration, friction and last minute logistical woes for even the most seasoned event professional. The best laid plans can go awry thanks to supply chain challenges, shipping delays and the ever-rising cost of transport. Furthermore, gifts are often wasteful, packaged in plastic (and packaged again), and shipped multiple times before reaching a venue. Not the most sustainable choice. 

Unwrapit has tackled it all, head on. 

Co-founded by a dynamic team, including a former event professional, Unwrapit is on a mission to help event organizers break free from the conventional thinking that surrounds event and corporate gift giving. 

The digital gifting platform offers a way for event planners to give gifts to attendees through a fully brandable and personalized gift experience. Unwrapit gifts are low/no waste and sustainably-minded, and through the personalized experience, recipients are able to choose a gift that resonates most with them. Better yet, they are delivered digitally (read: efficiently!). 

Given the challenge of supporting virtual participants at hybrid events, Unwrapit offers a unique, inclusive way to ensure virtual participants also are included in event gifting from key sponsors, exhibitors and events. It’s just as effective on-site to minimize the exchange of physical goods and instead, offers a quick and easy digital-first experience. 

The Unwrapit team can set up multiple “unwrapping experiences” for different segments of your event, tailoring the experience, the content, and the gifts accordingly, to each recipient group. 

For example, You might offer a small gift to all event attendees alongside a significant and meaningful gift for speakers and presenters, all within the same branded experience. The recipient sees the gift that’s personalized for them and claims it through a fun and interactive platform. Their robust reporting allows event organizers to follow along in “real time” to see who has claimed their gift, what they’ve claimed and review feedback captured through an optional “sentiment capture” form. Event planners can offer an= “Gifted by” unwrapping experience as a sponsorship perk and stakeholders can feel good about offering an easy, sustainably-minded, digital gift to attendees. 

So why is Unwrapit an example of a Superhero Supplier? They guide customers through the surprisingly complex world of gifting. They  save customers significant time for gift procurement and eliminate the hassles of shipping. They’ve designed the waste & pollution out of event gifting by featuring low/no waste gifts that won’t end up in landfill. The event brand is at the center of the experience and the platform focuses on personalized delivery to individuals. And they do all of this within days, setting up unwrapping experiences for events, corporate gifting and employee engagement campaigns around the world. 

One of Unwrapit’s customers used the platform to give speaker gifts after a two day conference said, “We recently worked with Unwrapit to thank event speakers in a unique way. One of our clients emailed us to share, ‘This was a cool way to do gifts, I haven’t seen this before and liked how it gave options so that it’s something useful/relevant for the recipient!”

Recently another customer used the platform to support an early bird gift for all attendees that registered in advance, as well as a “virtual booth” incentive to encourage engagement with exhibitors and sponsors. 

Recently certified as a BCorp, Unwrapit believes that giving event gifts and making a positive impact can be one and the same. That engaging with attendees, saying thank you, and providing a fun digital experience, can be seamless. 

For more information contact the Unwrapit team to book a demo!


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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