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The last 12 months has shaken up the world and with it the event industry. It’s no snow globe style reset either, when it’s hard to tell exactly what’s changed when the flakes settle again, the differences are marked.

In this feature we’re looking at how the wants from event apps have evolved through lockdown, the post-pandemic answers they can provide for organisers and for audiences, how hybrid will call the shots and what it expects in return. Engagement is still the key of course but the parameters are wide open, so there’s plenty of detail about the latest tools to foster interaction across the dimensions. How to make your content shine – in person and on screen and extend the reach beyond the traditional start/stop marks.

From virtual floorplans to tracked sponsorship opportunities, filterable attendee lists to instant messaging, apps have had hybrid ears to the floor throughout the Covid crisis. Always evolving, they will play a crucial part in redefining the event model. Apps for events highlights the hooks in that journey.     

EventsCase: The Future of Event Platforms

A survey recently conducted by Markletic, with 3851 B2B companies, shows that most organisations allocated around 20% of their marketing budget to their virtual events portfolio in 2021. The most considerable portion of this budget being dedicated to hiring online event software.


Even before the pandemic, event platforms were already a crucial part of successful corporate events. However, COVID-19 changed the game.

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All In The Loop provides the perfect solution for Hybrid Events

All In The Loop provides the perfect solution for Hybrid Events providing attendees with a branded mobile event app. Our Mobile Event Apps work in tandem with the virtual web venue which is accessible on Desktop & Laptops, allowing attendees access to the full event experience remotely and onsite.

Attendees can network virtually/setup in-person meetings, interact with live sessions through Live Polling/Q&A and more whether they are onsite or offsite using either the Mobile Event App or on the Desktop/Laptop version.

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Creating Virtual Engagement:
Build community before, during and after the event

Your virtual event is alive and buzzing with animated conversations, electric presentations and smart social media sharing. How do you keep the momentum going? The truth is, the excitement must start well before the virtual event opens. And it has to continue long after the event closes. To generate this kind of success, you must involve attendees at every stage of the process. It’s all about engagement. The first key to audience engagement is great content.

But first you need a container for that content. And today the best vehicle—not only to hold event content but to serve as a virtual community built around the conference—is a virtual event platform. Think of the event platform as a community that attendees can join, take with them on their mobile devices and continue to participate in as they network and create lasting relationships. In-app engagement allows you and your team to harness data for leads, influencers and follow-up.

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The MeetingPlay Hybrid Experience

Connect and empower your audience with MeetingPlay’s award-winning hybrid event platform backed with legendary technology and service.

Powered by our mobile event app and virtual event platform, we’ll bridge your in-person and virtual audience for a cohesive experience that’s uniquely yours.

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Event Delivery Platform for COVID Recovery

Bringing people together, or sending teams out, is even riskier than before. When it comes to event risk management during a pandemic, effective communication is as important as your plans and safety procedures. Whether the method is through the use of radio, SMS, social media or a dedicated event delivery platform like Blerter – using the right mix of technology is crucial. Ensure you are well-equipped so you can best protect your attendees, participants and crew from illness as you transition to a recovery from COVID-19.

Blerter is building an event delivery platform that gives you the tools you need to create a safer, more flexible environment. From sports events to festivals, the more complex an event is, the harder it is to keep on top of everything. Blerter enables event organizers to centralize their communications, operations and safety processes – connecting an entire event team in one place.

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Turn in-person, virtual, and hybrid events into
empowering experiences with Conference Compass

Mobile event apps have come a long way in recent years. They have evolved into versatile tools for event planners, attendees, exhibitors, and all of the different stakeholders involved. Mobile event apps are now indispensable to the event industry, and it would be unthinkable not to make use of them. Above all, this great piece of technology makes physical, and now even more so virtual and hybrid, events more productive and engaging, provides valuable data insights, and increases the event ROI. The mobile app’s core features have evolved from a program-only focus to an engagement focus offering to attendees so many ways for networking, interaction, and collaboration. In 2021 and beyond, mobile apps, by far, have their biggest supporting role to play in the upcoming hybrid future.

So where does Conference Compass come in all of this? We pride ourselves on developing the most powerful platform for live events and virtual experiences, and we tirelessly upgrade it with new, exciting features. At our core, we are passionate event tech professionals, and our main goal is to revolutionize the world of events! We like to challenge our clients to get more out of their events by providing a tool that helps them build their own ‘One Community’ and continuously learn and share knowledge in a very eloquent way. 

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Live Group, ready to help you with your next
hybrid, virtual and in-person event

Live Group are a team of leading experts in the events industry and have been a trusted events partner for over 45 years. We create powerful communication strategies designed to bring you closer to your audiences, whoever and wherever they are.

Over the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in the demand for accessible events. The world has had to adapt to working from home, travel restrictions and home schooling, and as a company we have adapted with the world to give our audience the flexibility they need.

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An App to Covid proof your event

Prior to Covid-19 Running live events was a full-time business. Running events in the future seems even more difficult as we come out of lockdown; social distancing, cleaning, capacity limits, temperature checks, Coaching staff, resource planning, one 2 ones, and training plans need to be implemented, and not to mention your day to day tasks.

Ensuring your team is integrated and up to speed on the changes as soon as possible is essential.

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LineUpr – The hybrid event solution

2021 is the year of hybrid events: a game-changing format for your event plans and LineUpr is the solution to help you realize them.

Your attendees are now aware of the advantages of virtual solutions. They will increasingly question long travel times and hotel stays, even in post-pandemic times, however, the “event as an experience” and on-site networking remain attractive for many participants when conditions are right.

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End-to-end event management platform powering
your entire Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events

Powering Event Success

Socio is the end-to-end event management platform powering your entire Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events. With features like registration, ticketing, and session schedules, event streaming & small group video rooms, attendee engagement tools like polls & chat, and sponsorship showcase features, and in-person products like lead retrieval & live display, Socio combines award-winning support with #1 ranked user satisfaction.

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