Creating Virtual Engagement:

Build community before, during and after the event


Your virtual event is alive and buzzing with animated conversations, electric presentations and smart social media sharing. How do you keep the momentum going? The truth is, the excitement must start well before the virtual event opens. And it has to continue long after the event closes. To generate this kind of success, you must involve attendees at every stage of the process. It’s all about engagement. The first key to audience engagement is great content.

But first you need a container for that content. And today the best vehicle—not only to hold event content but to serve as a virtual community built around the conference—is a virtual event platform. Think of the event platform as a community that attendees can join, take with them on their mobile devices and continue to participate in as they network and create lasting relationships. In-app engagement allows you and your team to harness data for leads, influencers and follow-up.

The Hubb Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform is the only one on the market with built-in engagement tools that enable a variety of interactions—whether one-on-one attendee meetings, virtual walk-up clinics, small group “birds of a feather” meetings, executive side meetings and so much more.

In addition to super robust meeting tools, you can build engagement prior to the event via co-creation. A great way to ensure participation is to get people involved early in providing feedback and ideas. Give people an opportunity to weigh in on content, topics, meetings, happy hours and networking. The more involved they are, the more they’ll feel invested in your event’s success. This is super easy using Hubb’s call for topics forms and easy voting tools.


You should also make your attendees feel welcome and create a sense of place with Hubb’s custom branded virtual lobbies and expo halls.

Once it’s all said and done, you can extend the life of the event and keep the conversation going by sharing recaps of presentations, thought pieces sparked by discussions on the activity feed, session videos, photos and testimonials. Use the plethora of event data available to you in the Hubb reporting tool, to help you determine the best types of content to turn into ongoing thought pieces or recaps.

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