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2021 is the year of hybrid events: a game-changing format for your event plans and LineUpr is the solution to help you realize them.

Your attendees are now aware of the advantages of virtual solutions. They will increasingly question long travel times and hotel stays, even in post-pandemic times, however, the “event as an experience” and on-site networking remain attractive for many participants when conditions are right.

In order to address both target groups, organisers must think hybrid. In 2021, an event must offer both face-to-face and virtual solutions.

LineUpr takes you into a hybrid future


LineUpr is the solution that serves as both a virtual and mobile event app. This flexibility gives the organiser more assurance in terms of planning, and avoids the hassle of having to switch back and forth between different digital solutions. The setup for your event is simple and the pricing is unbeatable!

The best recipes for today and tomorrow’s events

Our app can be seamlessly used across all device types (smartphone, tablet, and desktop) without requiring any technical skills: every participant gets an optimal overview and benefits from all functions to access your event and interact with it from anywhere.

Physical events are tied to a venue. To let an event take place virtually at the same time you can offer a separate live stream for each programme item and/or bundle the entire programme into a single channel. LineUpr’s “Virtual Locations” allow you to easily integrate video streams into the app so that your guests can experience them from anywhere.

Connect your attendees with our networking features

With hybrid events, your attendees are widely dispersed. This potentially presents challenges when communicating with each other. Your LineUpr app cleverly bypasses these hurdles and provides a solution for all attendees to network and chat: those at home can easily communicate with on-site guests via chat or video so they are all equally involved in the event regardless of their in-person attendance.

All the features you need

LineUpr provides all the features you need to showcase an agenda, speakers and sponsors. Give updates and send notifications to your attendees. Do surveys and polls to engage with your audience and help them to interact. You can also easily add further features by embedding third party web solutions into your event app and make it the go-to hub for your event.

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