All In The Loop provides the perfect solution for Hybrid Events


All In The Loop provides the perfect solution for Hybrid Events providing attendees with a branded mobile event app. Our Mobile Event Apps work in tandem with the virtual web venue which is accessible on Desktop & Laptops, allowing attendees access to the full event experience remotely and onsite.

Attendees can network virtually/setup in-person meetings, interact with live sessions through Live Polling/Q&A and more whether they are onsite or offsite using either the Mobile Event App or on the Desktop/Laptop version.

Event organisers can offer different ticket type access and alternate content for virtual and physical participants.

The web platform and event app utilises advanced features including:

  • Live Streaming of Agenda Sessions – These can be viewed on-demand post session.
  • Live Polling and Moderated Q&A
  • Lead Capture with Custom Questions
  • Gamification focusing on Attendee to Sponsor networking and Lead Capture
  • Virtual Sponsor/Exhibitor Booths with Instant Video Calling
  • Virtual Floor Plans
  • Tracked Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Filterable Attendee Lists
  • Instant Messaging
  • Meeting Booking between both onsite and offsite attendees (and a mix of the two)
  • Virtual Roundtables/Meeting Rooms
  • Continued Education/CPD Tracking and Auto Certificate Generation

Live Interaction During Sessions

Live Polls can be answered by both onsite and offsite attendees for more instant feedback, alongside questions to the speaker being received by both onsite and offsite attendees.

Lead Capture

Onsite Attendees scan QR codes at exhibitor booths to gain points in gamification and submit custom details as leads. Offsite attendees visit exhibitor booths and submit their details to gain points.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A wide range of logo and banner placement options are available on the platform. These can be linked to a URL of the sponsor’s choice with all clicks/taps tracked for follow up.


Onsite and Offsite attendees and sponsors can filter the directory with custom filters defined by the event organiser to find the right people instantly. From here they can send instant messages and book either an in person or virtual meeting with the other person.

Continued Education

For offsite attendees viewing live streams the platform can calculate how long each attendee has viewed a session for and award a number of points accordingly. Onsite Attendees scan a QR code at the start and the end of the session using the mobile app to track their attendance. Custom certificates can then be auto generated as and when needed.


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