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EventsCase’s Dos and Don’ts for running virtual events

Innovation is a good thing. At least when it comes to virtual events – the saviour of 2020, which is set to reach even bigger heights in a post-COVID world.

Why COVID-19 is Going to Revitalise Attendee Engagement

COVID-19 has been merciless in removing so many of the things we once took for granted. Venues, physical crowds and face-to-face meetings have all taken a prolonged leave of absence to ensure...

The hidden steps to avoiding problems with your virtual or hybrid event

Our industry’s long-awaited pivot from in-person to virtual has been a real sight to behold. Some players have emerged even stronger than before, applying careful consideration to their new environment and proving...

New headline sponsor for hybrid Event Tech Live (ETL)

All for all event management software EventsCase is backing ETL’s pivot from 80 per cent physical to wholly hybrid show as headline sponsor. Organisers,...

Majority of events industry anticipates recovery taking “1-2 years”, EventsCase reveals

Most event professionals believe 1-2 years is a realistic timeframe to recover from COVID-19 following widespread disruption to face-to-face gatherings. A recent poll from leading event technology supplier EventsCase...

EventsCase integrates with Zoom to facilitate the organisation of virtual events

EventsCase takes a further step in developing flexible and practical tools for event professionals. In this case, it is a new web module for the all-in-one event management platform which allows the...

Podcast: A tech provider’s take on virtual & hybrid events in 2020

0 This week’s episode features Kevin Lorch, managing director at Eventscase, a white label software business focused on providing the perfect integrated platform...

EventsCase launches a guide with valuable information on how to organise virtual events

The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily affected the events sector. With the consequent lockdown in many countries and the cancellation or postponement of physical events, a massive rise was...

EventsCase launches £50,000 Employee Aid Fund

The tech company wants to support those who are adversely affected by the pandemic, especially employees who are financially ‘vulnerable’ during these difficult times. EventsCase has made available to...

EventsCase Introduces Rapid Solution for Hosting Virtual Events

Organisers have been handed a lifeline in their pivot from in-person to virtual events thanks to a new tool which requires minimal change to their technology infrastructure. ‘Virtual Events’...