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Event world, indeed the big wide world, won’t ever be the same as it was pre-Covid 19. As the contemporary cliché goes, it will be a whole lot better. Equal measures of attitude change and technology will see to that.

There’s a new virtual/hybrid reach for events this year mapped out through the trials of lockdown, and accessibility, in some shape or form, is the common purpose among these top tech tips for 2023.

From latest platforms, connectivity, live captioning and sign language to presentation hardware and video production solutions, the future is here…

Eventscase: everything you need to manage and promote your events

What do we offer?

On our platform you can find everything you need to manage and promote your events: technological solutions, tools, and individualised services to help you run better events regardless if the format is physical, virtual or hybrid. We provide your events structure, security, and flexibility—enhancing them—whatever their purpose and size.

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Unleash your creativity and take your website to the next level with our platform. We have everything you need to build a website. If you’re not very techy, don’t worry, the tool is intuitive and we’ll give you adequate support

How Ai-Media’s cloud solutions simplify captions for events & meetings

Organizations worldwide are increasingly realizing that captions go far beyond providing accessibility for their events and meetings. They can also improve comprehension and information retention, and multilingual captions can break down language barriers to reach untapped global audiences.

With Ai-Media, you can access all the captioning technology you need in one easy-to-use, end-to-end cloud solution. 

Combining Ai-Media’s Falcon cloud encoder with our Lexi automated captioning solution provides a simple and affordable way to live caption your events, meetings or conferences.

Giant iTab: Present with Confidence & Style

Our Award-Winning Event Technology solutions include Giant Smartphones, Sanitiser Smartphones & Mirror Smartphones, all designed to help you present your digital Apps, Web, Videos & Social Media on a Giant Scale at your next Event.

Available to RENT or BUY Worldwide, these simple but stunning solutions are guaranteed to create an enhanced visitor experience, draw extra traffic to your exhibition stand and allow you to present all your sales & marketing information in a more favourable and familiar way.

The Giant Smartphone Experience

AccessLOOP: Award-winning event tech for accessibility

AccessLOOP is the leading tool for adding accessibility to events. The concept was conceived early in the pandemic by three event professionals. Dan Dexter, livestreaming producer with 20 years’ experience. Elaine McCarthy and Orla Pearson, ex-BBC Access Services producers and directors of MyClearText Ltd, delivering accessibility to the events sector for over ten years. It was built to make it simple to add accessibility such as live captions, sign language, multi-language live captions and AI captioning to events. 

AcessLOOP is the only product on the market specifically designed and developed by a team of industry experts dedicated to accessibility for events. AccessLOOP delivers a simple workflow for production professionals, a professional and intuitive backstage work area for accessibility professionals, interpreters, captioners and audio describers and a professional accessible end result for the audience.

Feeding the beast: engaging online delegates through live streaming

By Rich Belcher, Director of First Sight Media

Feeding the beast, it’s the idea that encourages engagement with your online audience by maintaining connection with them during the entirety of the event. You can’t simply put up a holding screen for 10 minutes and expect your audience to be loyal; they will find something else to do.

Live streaming events has become a popular way for event organisers to enhance their audience by finding a new market online (or developing the relationships they built during lockdown) as the shift to in-person cements itself in 2023. With hybrid, or ‘blended’ experiences, their success with online viewers is down to maintaining a seamless programme to keep “feeding the beast”, the beast being the virtual attendees themselves.

Totem – Helping you curate next-generation audience journeys

Uncover new revenue opportunities by connecting the dots and personalising your audience journey. Our award-winning digital engagement platform, Reef, offers a smarter way to deliver events, meetings, content, communities and online learning – with inbuilt time-saving features.  

Spiralling costs and increasingly time-poor audiences mean event planners need even more up their sleeves to generate ROI this year.

Never fear – there are now opportunities to design compelling, data-rich audience journeys that deliver incredible value to your audience while providing a detailed picture of people’s interests, preferences and behaviour.

GES: Striving for innovation in the event industry

Innovation will be a major challenge in 2023. Even as we see the welcome return of more events and event businesses, 2023 still presents its own financial challenges. The cost-of-living crisis, inflation and the potential onset of a recession on the horizon, it’s understandable that investments in R&D and innovation will be suppressed.

For us at GES, as well as other larger brands within the industry, we feel a responsibility to play our part in ensuring as much innovation as possible, so that we can continue to find solutions to contemporary problems and create new opportunities for events and their audiences.

Our prediction is that the majority of these innovations will be on a micro level and support existing trends such as sustainability, hybrid events and audience engagement. We also fully expect to see more augmented and virtual installations that add more theatre to the live event experience and underline the value of face-to-face. Equally, we’ll see more and more events embracing high quality, digestible data and analytics to gain insights to prove value and support business growth. AI will also continue its influence on the industry, both within these insights, adding further audience engagement, but also advancing operational efficiencies and customer service quality.

Bear IQ: a no-code analytics platform built for the event’s industry

In today’s ever-evolving event environment, organizers are tasked with providing onsite and online experiences that allow people to connect in an immersive way.

These event experiences are powered by tools and applications that collect and generate vast amounts of behavioral, transactional and intentional data.

Now that event organizers have all this data, what do they do with it?

Bear IQ is a no-code analytics platform built for the event’s industry. Our customers use the data they are already collecting to grow their audience, increase revenue, and market more effectively.

Entegy, the all in one platform

Entegy is an events management, communication, and engagement platform designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, making it accessible for users of all experience levels. 

The platform allows teams to manage their events from one central location and configure a range of modular features on an event-by-event basis, resulting in a high degree of customisation and flexibility. It is designed to be user-friendly and offers end-to-end functionality for managing events, communicating with attendees, and creating participant engagement.

Entegy feature sets include website builder, registration, app, polling, Q&A, gamification, attendee connections, meetings, lead capture, attendance tracking, badge creator, onsite printing, kiosk management and advanced floor plans.

momencio – Universal lead retrieval system that turns your trade show leads into sales

momencio - Universal lead retrieval system that turns your trade show leads into sales

momencio is the battle tested sales enablement software hub for driving sales from B2B event marketing & trade show activities

It’s the only Lead Retrieval Solution enabling B2B Field Marketers & RevOps teams to:

  • Streamline creative workflows with momencio’s powerful Creative Asset Management system,  
  • Create memorable experiences with Client Portals personalized in-real time while you engage with your leads. 
  • Gain insights on your team performance & uncover opportunities for improvements with momencio’s Advanced Event Analytics & Visitor Tracking Capabilities
  • Maximize sales handover efficiency through instant Lead Routing to the appropriate Sales Development Representative

InvitePeople: Seamless and secure creation of your next event

InvitePeople: Seamless and secure creation of your next event

InvitePeople is your end-to-end solution for any type of event. In-person, virtual, or hybrid, start with a single event and expand your license when you’re ready to scale up. We can assist you with all aspects of event planning for any occasion. 

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InvitePeople will work with you and your event team throughout the entire event planning process. From planning to execution and analysis. Everything is stored and managed on one platform, seamlessly and securely.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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