Quadrant2Design offers true sustainability with reusable, modular exhibition stands


There’s no easy way to say this, the exhibition industry can be extremely wasteful. The “build-and-burn” methodology that has, for the longest time, been the foundation of the industry is short-sighted and only contributes to the waste of materials.

Over the years efforts have been made to make the industry more eco-friendly, with businesses creating stands from hemp, cardboard and other recyclable materials. While undeniably well-intentioned, this change comes with issues of its own. These materials not only lack the visual appeal that the events industry is based on but, like their predecessors, they also have a short lifespan and so are not very sustainable!

The true instrument of sustainability and eco-friendliness is the reuse of materials. Much like how our society is moving away from recyclable single-use plastic bottles and towards reusable metal and glass, the truly eco-friendly exhibition stands are those that are highly reusable.

If exhibitors and organisers want to contribute to the industry’s improved sustainability, without compromising on the quality of their exhibition stands, there is no better contractor to partner with than Quadrant2Design.

So how do Quadrant2Design make their stands so reusable?

With their trademark Prestige Events System, Quadrant2Design combine attractive, high-quality, durable materials with a modular, reconfigurable structure to create visually spectacular exhibition stands that are reusable over a number of years. Each time the stand is reused, that’s another construction process avoided, which ultimately reduces its carbon footprint.

The modular Prestige Events System can be reconfigured for almost any size and shape, and reused time and time again with minimal new materials. This is good for the environment, as well as the budgets of Quadrant2Design’s customers.

With the free-hire model, stand hardware is loaned to customers free of charge and is used on multiple projects, for multiple customers across multiple events. Extremely durable and well looked after, some of the company’s hardware has had over 15 years of use across hundreds of shows and still works like new! When the components are eventually retired they are recycled, so the materials return to the planet’s pool of resources.

The eco-friendly benefits don’t stop there. The system is lightweight and compactable, so can be transported in a small van or large car, which drastically reduces the emissions associated with transportation. Stands are quick and easy to install, requiring no power tools and no messy or hazardous materials that could end up in a landfill or the water system.

Quadrant2Design’s graphics panels are made of high-quality, durable, easily-cleanable materials that extend the lifespan of their stands. Unlike common PVC-based panels, Quadrant2Design’s polyester-based panels are hard-wearing and can be used for years without the typical wear and tear of ageing.

By providing a highly reusable exhibition stand solution, Quadrant2Design can save their customers time, money and resources without any compromise on the quality of their exhibition display, all while contributing to the improved eco-friendliness and sustainability of the exhibition industry. That’s a win-win!

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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