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Today, event technology is an integral part of a company’s digital capabilities. In the digital age, enterprises are recognizing the significant advantages of implementing communications technology into their tech stack to better accommodate the remote world and workforce.

During times of crisis, having the capability to efficiently and effectively communicate, whether hybrid or virtual, at a moment’s notice, can ultimately salvage and secure a brand’s reputation. This is where GlobalMeet, a leading provider of webcasting communications solutions, shines. With GlobalMeet, enterprises can plan, manage, and execute their most important moments using a world-class virtual events platform that transcends security and reliability standards.

Crises are often unpredictable; however, with the right strategy, procedure, and event technology, businesses can prepare for potential pitfalls and adapt to the situation at hand quickly. An effective crisis communication strategy is imperative. According to PWC, more than 90% of business leaders acknowledge that their crisis management strategies and capabilities need improvements. From a major health risk to a cyber attack, an economic downturn, merger and acquisition, or a disaster recovery, establishing the proper tech and tools to overtake the issue and share your brand’s message is crucial. Moreover, there are several factors to consider when composing a virtual event to address a company issue such as security, bandwidth, and time.

Racing Against the Clock

Time is everything in a crisis. By already having a virtual event partner onboard your company can address the appropriate audience in a timely manner. This is where GlobalMeet’s Professionally Managed Events, curated and designed by a team of event experts, come into play. GlobalMeet goes beyond providing a secure and reliable platform to host the event, their industry professionals take the reigns to build, customize, and facilitate the event, enabling their customers to relinquish the stress and time demanded to produce it. GlobalMeet’s professional producers, technicians, and 24/7 managed support, bring companies’ virtual and in-person audiences together to ensure communication is streamlined and concise.

While every situation is different, the ability to jump on an issue before it becomes a major disaster can significantly impact the damage created by the crisis at hand.

Not only is there a challenge in gathering large numbers of people in short notice, but there is also the issue of stability when hosting a large audience on a single platform.

Stability Meets Scalability

Whether the emergency calls for a meeting of 50 people or 100,000+ ensuring that your software or event partner can facilitate an event of any size is important. For some platforms, scalability at such a high caliber can be complex. GlobalMeet’s cutting-edge software allows companies to engage audiences with unmatched scalability. With the ability to confidently create an online event that promotes your company’s brand and encourages meaningful engagement through features like polls and surveys, audience chat, and Q&A, your company can better understand and prepare for damage control within company morale and provide critical answers to questions without hesitation.

Lastly, enterprises should feel secure in the virtual environment when sharing confidential information pertaining to crisis management.


Maintaining Secure Environments for Sharing Reliable Information

For mission-critical events, such as investor relations or quarterly revenue meetings stakeholders may need to know that the event and its contents are kept private. In some instances, the information shared is required by law to remain confidential. Meeting with investors can be a balancing act of showcasing the facts and highlighting the positives, and ensuring the event or meeting is smoothly orchestrated can feel like a juggling act. This is another area where GlobalMeet’s managed services for events can help.

Data breaches cost companies millions of dollars per incident, and when a crisis is already underway the last thing your company needs is to worry about security. Your event technology provider should offer a range of features to ensure the privacy and security of your event, including multi-factor authentication, encryption technologies, and security controls.

Overall, what makes a superhero event supplier isn’t simply their ability to get the job done. It goes beyond providing an experience that is expected and instead provides an experience that is exceptional. With partners like GlobalMeet, hosting an event during your business’s most critical moments is effortless.

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Author: Adam Parry

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