Zuant shortlisted for The Event Technology Awards 2023


Less travel, working from home, Covid hygiene are all aspects that we have to consider recently, but in the Sales & Marketing world, calls by Teams or Zoom, digital interactions, shortening sales cycles and improving the customer experience are all a focus of attention.

Zuant 3D is now the answer to a lot of these things – as a new complementary channel it features real 3D photography that draws you in; it can be entirely exclusive on your own, or a guided tour with dual controls for Sales to use with a whole array of videos, 3D models and limitless content as support.

One of the worst things about 3D spaces in use now is the lack of interaction, where you’re expected to wander ‘round looking at graphical images as if you were in the space.

Zuant 3D can have a proper receptionist to greet new visitors before letting them browse on their own or have a guided tour with someone from the sales team to get in to any detail required.

3D Space Management

Navigating through just one 3D space can be detailed and complex enough, but managing all your 3D experiences is also very important. Zuant 3D gives you the power to produce multiple experiences from the same 3D scan in order to create different journeys in different languages to suit your applications.

More than that, you can ‘hyperjump’ between experiences as part of your ‘Customer Journey’.


To save time, a little navigation helps a lot – whether to find specific items, rooms or parts of an exhibition stand you’re interested in. Enter the Zuant 3D Black Box. It’s easy to prepare limitless journeys to suit your audience either for a permanent installation or just a single sales presentation.


As a result of the clever graphing technology, Zuant 3D knows exactly where you are in a space and can therefore suggest content on any subject you might be looking at – either immediately or as links in a follow-up thank you email.

Sales Leads

This should be at the top of the list, because no other systems have an efficient way of recording what you’re looking at, your dwell time and details of conversations that can be neatly packaged up in a sales lead – just like a scanned badge at a real showwhere the data is analysed and passes on into your CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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