Three core components to deliver a successful virtual event


Creating an engaging atmosphere is essential to making sure that participants feel connected and motivated throughout your virtual event.

However, without the right platform and a reliable partner to call on should you need help, your event can quickly become disjointed and leave event attendees feeling unlikely to return.

This article looks at three essential components that will elevate your virtual event beyond all expectations and leave your attendees wanting more.

How to select the right virtual event platform: your key to success

Ensuring the success of your event hinges on choosing the right virtual event platform. Navigating the myriad of virtual event platforms can be daunting and with an overwhelming number of options, each with its own suite of features and functionalities, how do you choose the one that’s right for your event?

The key is understanding your audience. Their unique needs and preferences should guide your decision as they will help dictate what functionality and features you need on your event. After all, they’re the ones who will be using the platform, so find out what they want and understand how they will interact.

Here are a few tips to ensure maximum engagement:

1️⃣ Tailor the Features: Not every feature on a platform will suit your event. Identify the ones that align with your event’s goals and will captivate your audience.

2️⃣ Clean User Interface: A cluttered interface can distract and disengage your audience. Choose a platform with a clean UI that only displays relevant content.

3️⃣ Test and Iterate: Once you’ve selected a platform, run some tests. Gather feedback, iterate, and improve.

Remember, the right platform can amplify your event’s impact, boost engagement, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, take your time to make an informed decision.

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Transform your virtual event with customisation

Ever attended a virtual event that felt like it was designed just for you? That’s the power of customisation!

In an era where virtual events have become the norm, standing out from the crowd and creating real engagement is essential for their success. How do you achieve this? By customising your virtual event to enhance your attendees’ experience.

🔹 Why does customisation matter? It helps create a unique environment that resonates with your audience and meets their specific needs.

🔹 What can you customise? Everything from the look and feel of your platform to its operation and content touchpoints throughout. Tailoring these aspects can make your event more engaging and memorable.

🔹 What’s the end result? Higher attendee engagement, improved satisfaction rates, and ultimately, a greater ROI on your event.

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Support: The unsung hero of successful virtual events

In the final part of our blog series on producing engaging virtual events and conferences (read the full set of articles here), we spotlight a crucial component – event support.

When planning your virtual event, it’s critical to identify the type of support you need and the support available from your chosen partner. Is it project support, technical support, event support, or something else entirely?

1️⃣ Event Project Support: This can range from building your event platform to offering comprehensive support around event operations. Remember, the team behind your chosen platform has a unique vantage point – they know what works and what doesn’t. Leverage their expertise to elevate your event.

2️⃣ Event Technical Support: When the unexpected happens, you need a partner who will respond swiftly and fix any issues. Ask about response times and live monitoring of their ticket system and ask for evidence if they have it.

3️⃣ Event Support: On the event day, having platform team members on hand to assist can alleviate stress and ensure everything runs smoothly and keeps your audience engaged.

Sometimes, your needs may fall outside the typical event structure. In such cases, working with a flexible platform partner who can accommodate your unique requirements is important.

The support you receive (and ask for – remember, it’s a two-way relationship!) can make or break your event. Your platform partner should be willing to invest time and effort into helping you achieve your vision.

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Creating an engaging virtual event experience is essential for success. With the right platform, optimised design, and reliable support partner, your event has the potential to be extraordinary!

If you’d like to discuss your virtual event requirements, book a call with the virtual event experts, Yoonity, today.

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