TicketCo promise calls for collaboration


Ticketing in 2023 is far beyond the days of customers queueing at a box office to swap cash/cheques for a piece of paper with a perforated edge.

Layers of technology, ambition and acumen have turned event access into a deep data trove. But for one seasoned Norwegian ticketing specialist the opportunity for more, truly telling change, across the sector, calls for greater measures of inspiration and collaboration.

Bergen-based TicketCo recently announced plans for ‘the best ticketing tool the world has ever seen’. Designed with input from clients, the company is actively seeking partners to deliver on that big promise.

TicketCo proposes a digital assistant (DA) capable of gathering, and structuring, relevant data before feeding it into the system setup. A dynamic solution set to save organisers from time-hungry tasks and considerations. Instead, they can simply press ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to qualified ‘DA’ suggestions; the system does the rest, maximising sales and minimising costs.

TicketCo has already enabled its platform to integrate with customers’ system portfolio of CRM and marketing solutions and made it possible for their partners to fetch data from the resource to build cross-system functionality.

“We’re not only offering a great ticketing platform, we’re offering a solution that can play along seamlessly with lots of other commercial instruments, producing new revenue streams on top of the existing ones,” CEO Carl-Erik Moberg says. And that is the driver for some collaboration

“It’s an invitation to companies like ourselves; scale-ups populated by hard-working innovators who want to evolve the industry not simply preserve it. People who see event organisers as the true heroes and want to help them succeed.”

There are lots of companies out there that fit the remit and TicketCo can’t partner with all of them, but for Moberg this is the right time for consolidation in the market and he is convinced that the digital ticketing assistant is a perfect inducement.

“Together we can achieve miracles and make life easier for customers across all our markets,” Moberg says. “Competition is a massive driving force for innovation, but it’s not the only way to reach new goals. Sometimes cooperation is an even more powerful means to change the world.

“I had two equally important ambitions when I took over as CEO at TicketCo. One was to restructure the company into a sustainable business, the other was to actually innovate; to figure out a better way to do ticketing.”

The first was accomplished very quickly. The second, designing/developing the best ticketing tool the world has ever seen, has just started.

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Nic Howden
Author: Nic Howden

Nic is a senior PR professional, former Editor In Chief. With strong exposure to the live music/events industry, Nic has the ability to conceive/deliver successful campaigns and on-going publicity leading to excellent media coverage.

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