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Purity Productions is a game-changing experiential marketing agency, offering innovative technology solutions to optimise experiential campaigns. Our cutting-edge tech platforms empower brands to report campaign results in real-time and maximize their technology within the framework of an experiential campaign.

Our first example is MainEvent, our online reporting tool that provides real-time visibility during campaigns such as product sampling for example. With MainEvent, you can capture both qualitative and quantitative data in real-time, including each event’s breakdown, KPIs, photos, and engagement results. With its cloud-based app, you can analyze, report, recap, staff, and schedule all experiential and field activities, providing comprehensive scheduling, recapping, and reporting for all events and executions. Customisable dashboards are built using editable widgets, showcasing data through a variety of graphing tools. You can manage and toggle all aspects of programs and campaigns without any need for new custom development. Program configuration options include recap fields, goals, tasks, and document management. With MainEvent, you can enable managers to create and track schedules, goals, and completed activities for their field reps and brand ambassadors.

Our second example is our online promotional staffing portal. Our proprietary software ensures a highly efficient process from casting, training, mystery shopping, and testimonials for our People Team. With a UK team of approximately 2,000 people, and partner agencies across the world, we are able to activate any time anywhere. Our diversity and inclusion strategy and policy enhance delivery and productivity, making everyone feel equally involved and supported in all areas of the campaign. Our software allows clients to identify, interview, and cast the right people for their project. We host online interviews from this software, which also allows clients to comment on individual team members.

Our third example is our recent experiential campaign for Hiscox, where we were tasked with designing and producing a live brand experience stunt inside the famous masterpiece, Lloyd’s of London to raise awareness of their Malicious Attack insurance product.

The aim of the experiential activity was to increase the profile of Hiscox to be seen as leading the way in emerging risks, to educate brokers on Malicious Attack and to promote the relationship between Hiscox and their global risk consultancy, Control Risks. The Control Room was designed as an Immersive crisis situation experience that put Brokers’ decision-making skills to the test. We collaborated with Immersive AV to develop three thrilling bespoke Malicious Attack games within the Control Room.

Pete Knott, Marketing Manager said “‘The Hiscox Control Room was iconic, immersive and educational. It created an important opportunity to speak to brokers face-to-face in the heart of the Lloyd’s of London building.”

At Purity Productions, we are committed to delivering unparalleled results to our clients. Our tech platforms and experiential campaigns have set a new standard for the industry, and we continue to push boundaries to ensure the success of our clients’ campaigns

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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