Lime Venue Portfolio to partner with Stress Matters on neurodiversity initiative

Laura Capell-Abra, Stress Matters

Lime Venue Portfolio have agreed a partnership with Stress Matters that will see the organisation develop a series of toolkits, workshops, and learning resources that will encourage better experiences for delegates. The resources will be aimed at better catering to guests who are neurodivergent and to both celebrate and support inclusivity in event spaces.

The announcement comes as we enter Neurodiversity Celebration Week (18th – 24th March) and comes following feedback gathered through Lime Venue Portfolio’s Meeting of the Future research. The campaign data showed clear signs that the industry could be more welcome to a wider range of participants, and identified a range of ways that the environment could be adjusted to ensure that all guests are considered and are able to participate.

Lime Venue Portfolio have since been working with Stress Matters to create a learning-based partnership that will at first train and workshop key members of the group’s senior leadership, but then share helpful resources and advice that the brand will disseminate across its 80+ venue partners.

The aim is to ensure that event planners using Lime Venue Portfolio venues both have access to intelligent, professional advice, but also practical solutions on how they can collaborate to best suit the needs of every delegate.

“This year’s Neurodiversity Celebration Week is once again all about celebrating diversity and being able to openly discuss and address what is still often a taboo subject,” comments Laura Capell-Abra, Stress Matters. “It’s great to see larger brands like Lime Venue Portfolio being brave enough to take on the subject, but also caring enough to want to make a difference. They work with dozens of venues but also some major event organisers across the UK and they can make a real difference. We’re really pleased with this partnership.”

“We’ve known the team at Stress Matters for some time and have always been supporters of what they do to combat the subject of mental health and wellbeing within the events industry,” comments Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio. “This is an area we’re incredibly interested in, and passionate about, but it needs trained, expert, and professional insight. We’re really pleased to be partnering with Stress Matters to guide us through it.”

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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