Jets exhibiting at The Showman’s show 2023


Jets™ is a Norwegian-based global company that develops, manufactures and sells vacuum toilets, vacuum systems and purification systems. At this year’s Showman’s Show, Otter Vacuum (the sole UK distributor for Jets™ land and transport) will be introducing the new Jets™ NOMAD system:

Jets™ NOMAD is a scalable system consisting of five units designed to be combined for your specific needs in any location – anywhere. It provides low water consumption, connects to any main drainage system and lowers logistics costs.

It can be connected to all types of vacuum toilet modules, creating a year-round sanitary solution. Water is distributed by the protected category 5 water supply unit and sewage is filtered through the Catcher to remove foreign matter. Its Duo-Vacuumarator™ pumping station drives the process while a transfer unit sends all sewage to the final discharge point and Flow Control valves and gravity feeds the sewer line.

The modular concept makes installation quick and easy; This low-maintenance system can be operated without special tools. Each unit is based on standard pallet sizes for safe and efficient transport.

The integrated communication system monitors and logs performance continuously during operation, ensuring control and safety.

Jets™ NOMAD complies with NS-EN 1717:2000 and AS/NZS3500.

In addition, the new product The Ragbox will be shown. “The Ragbox™ is designed to significantly ease the process of removing foreign bodies in vacuum sanitary systems”

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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