Staging experts Frameset UK makes last minute changes a breeze for the events industry


Frameset UK is at the forefront of innovation, offering versatile stage sets that can be quickly adapted to meet event organisers changing requirements. Based in Alresford, Hampshire, Frameset creates flexible sustainable staging solutions which are used all over the world!

We caught up with Frameset UK’s Managing Director, Gary Bennett, about his experiences of supporting event organisers at the last minute:

At Frameset, we understand that when running events, it is common for things to change and often at the last minute. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-install, sustainable stage sets that are easy to adapt, so they can be quickly turned around, without creating any waste!

With years of industry experience, we’ve had our fair share of last minute requests from customers, and as our solution is so flexible, we’re always happy to help!

Reusable frames

Sustainability is a big factor for us and our customers, so we are proud to offer sustainable aluminium frames that can be reused for any event. Unlike traditional wooden flats, which can become easily damaged and leave you frantically searching for last minute replacements, our lightweight frames are durable and made to last! They are especially ideal if you are short on time, as they can be quickly assembled in under two minutes, without requiring tools.

Our flat panels are highly adaptable. We offer extenders, so customers can extend our framework, without needing to buy multiple frame sizes. This means event organisers can effortlessly accommodate any last minute changes to size requirements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for any venue.

For added convenience, the frames fully compact down and can be easily transported in the boot of your car, so there’s no extra costs associated with using, or hiring, a large van. This takes away any logistic issues for event organisers, so running events at short notice is no problem.

To help save our customers time, our team is always happy to set up and derig for your event. Our customers often say this is a life saver, especially for last minute events, as understaffing is often an issue.

Printed covers & Step and repeat banners

Our durable frames, event backdrops with printed covers and step and repeat banners can be reused for all your events – but to instantly change the look, and accommodate any last minute changes, is just as easy – simply change the cover! Quickly lay the print out on the floor, place the framework on top of it and Velcro the cover to the frame.

There are no staples or permanent fixings, so if you need to make any changes to your branding or artwork, it isn’t a case of throwing the whole thing away, you can simply reprint your cover and Velcro it back on, for a stress free solution.

Reversible covers

We also produce reversible Lycra covers in over 59 colours, which are ideal for last minute requests, as they can be quickly fitted over our frames, for an instantly changeable and completely unique look for your event.

Successfully handling last minute requests

We recently had a last minute request from a customer, who wanted an impressive backdrop for their press event in central London, with a really quick turnaround of just a few days. They were thrilled with the step and repeat banner we produced, and that we could set up and derig for them making the whole process run so smoothly.

At Frameset, we are committed to our growing customer base and are able to create a visually stunning backdrop, ready to showcase your brand at a moment’s notice.

If your business needs reliable staging, fast, Frameset can help! Contact Frameset’s expert team on 01962 896127, or email

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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