Event Insurance: Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage for Unforeseen Circumstances


Organising and hosting events involves a myriad of responsibilities and potential risks. Specialist event insurance is a crucial component to protect against unforeseen circumstances that could jeopardise the success of an event. Whether you’re planning a festival, running a stall, or organising an exhibition, having the right insurance cover is an essential item in your event toolkit.

Why Do You Need Specialist Event Insurance?

Specialist event insurance is designed to address the unique risks associated with organising and hosting events. The unpredictable nature of gatherings, coupled with potential liabilities, necessitates a specific form of coverage. Without adequate insurance, event organisers could find themselves exposed to financial losses, legal complications, and other unforeseen challenges.

What Cover Do You Need for Events?

Planning for unexpected circumstances is part of the parcel when involved in event organisation. Having comprehensive cover for your event(s) means considering additional requirements that are specific to your event, that a standard policy may not cover.

1.Public Liability:

Public liability insurance for events is important to cover legal costs and damages if a third party is injured or their property is damaged during the event and subsequently makes a claim against you.

2. Event Equipment Cover:

Protecting event equipment from damage and loss is vital, as losses in these areas could disrupt the event and lead to financial setbacks. Be sure your cover incorporates all equipment you might be liable for, whether it belongs to you, is leased, loaned or rented and if and when it’s in transit.

3. Event Money Cover:

You may need physical money for use at your event. Having this included can protect against the loss of physical money during your event and include transit between a venue and the bank.

4. Event Cancellation Cover:

Events may need to be cancelled, postponed or interrupted for various unforeseen circumstances beyond your control. Cancellation can result in significant losses not just from the non-recoverable expenses associated with organising and promoting the event, but also from potential revenue loss from ticket sales, sponsorships, merchandising, and more.

Having suitable event cancellation insurance can minimise the risk and financial impact of these situations, giving you confidence to focus on other aspects of the event organsiation.

5. Employers’ Liability:

If there are employees or volunteers involved in the event, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement in the UK. This covers you should a staff member suffer a work-related injury or illnesses caused because of your event.

Ensure You’re Covered Correctly

To make sure you have the right cover for your event, it is also worth considering the following:

Selecting the right level of cover:

Firstly, assess the scale and nature of your event to determine the appropriate level of cover you require. This includes considering factors such as the number of attendees, the value of equipment, and other potential risks involved. For example, when choosing Public Liability Insurance your policy may suggest £1m-£10m worth of liability to cover you correctly.

Choose specialist policies:

Different events have different requirements. Ensure your insurance policy is designed to address the specific risks associated with your type of event, whether it’s festival insurance you need, stallholder insurance, exhibition insurance or multi-event and one-off event insurance.

Use an expert events insurance provider:

Seek out a flexible insurance provider that can tailor coverage to the specific needs of your event. Events vary widely, and a one-size-fits-all approach may leave you underinsured.

Choose Specialist Event Insurance with Protectivity

Protectivity’s event insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a diverse range of events, ensuring protection against potential risks and liabilities. Their policies include essential features such as public liability coverage up to £10m, protection for event equipment and money, cancellation cover as well as employers’ liability.

The emphasis on tailored coverage allows event organisers to find flexible solutions that match the specific requirements of their events, whether it’s a festival, stall, or exhibition, one-off event or multiple throughout the year. In the event of a claim, Protectivity provides experienced claims support, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Choose Protectivity for specialist event insurance that prioritises flexibility, comprehensive coverage, and peace of mind for event organisers.

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