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Top event tech for virtual engagement and interaction

Until spring moves into summer, at least, pretty much any business engagement/interaction will continue to be virtual. Meantime, technology carries the torch for the event sector – taking the ‘oh’ out of pivot and...

Virtual Video & Photo Booths for engagement, feedback, testimonials and promotion

Developed in response to live events transitioning online, Video and Photo capture experts VideoBooth Systems launched their unique virtual booth solutions in 2020. The cloud-based platforms work just like the company’s traditional booths used at...

ConsensIQ does a few things fundamentally different, when compared to the ‘traditional voting tools’

The world is changing. The way we cooperate is changing. And so, our meetings and events are changing. Participants are no longer happy with a fully speaker-oriented show. They demand a more participant-centric approach. The...

6Connex provides customised, cloud-based virtual environments that drive audience engagement worldwide

When much of the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19, the global workforce had to be resilient and creative. Remote work became the new normal, as daily commutes moved from the highway to...

Highly-intuitive all-in-one event platforms from Conference Compass

All in one event platform During ten years, Conference Compass has continuously proven to be an industry leader in high-quality mobile event apps. Back in 2019, our mobile apps have been used at 250 physical...