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Written by Phil McMichael, Group Commercial Director at JLL.

Audio Visual (AV) has the power to make or break a conference experience – regardless of size or scale. We have all been to events made memorable by the incredible AV experience and equally those which have been ruined by poor AV. Arguably, AV partners are one of an event planner’s most important team members, and finding a partner who can combine their technical expertise with your vision and ambition will ensure event success.

At JLL, we pride ourselves in being expert full-service technical production partners to agencies, in-house corporates and event organisers alike. When it comes to events and conferences, it’s certainly not a case of “one size fits all”. We get a buzz from pushing boundaries and helping clients create unique moments. Taking a custom approach to every brief has allowed us to successfully execute and deliver a broad range of productions, from intimate gatherings to large-scale, hybrid conferences, ensuring the in-person and virtual / broadcast audience both feel engaged.

Turning Imagination into Reality

Before stepping foot in a venue, we can showcase what an event will look like. At JLL, we work in partnership with our clients to use the latest technology to create 3D visualisations of their event so we can bring the space and show to life before setting foot on site. With these tools, we can showcase how the room and production elements all fit together, allowing event planners to truly experience how the opening sting, the presentations or panels discussions will look and feel. For example, we recently created a set and stage concept for a mobile phone launch using Depence2 that incorporated our lighting design, the set and stage, the sound, and to showcase how the entire event would be launched; even incorporating the client’s opening video.

Light Up Your Life

You can have the best panelists, fantastic visual displays at an incredible venue… but no event will make sense without the correct lighting.

At JLL, we are fortunate that as well as working with a whole host of businesses to create fantastic events and conferences, our team also has experience to draw on from working as lighting partners on some of the UK’s biggest and best television shows, such as Comic Relief, Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear and Beat the Chasers.

We can draw upon this wealth of knowledge and apply to every project that comes our way, allowing us to exceed clients’ needs and truly bring to life their creative vision. From ‘stage washing’ to ‘follow spots’, to feature uplighting and even timecoding the production so that the room lights & the show is pixel mapped with the video playback the second an audience walks through the doors, as AV planners and Lighting Directors we can create the WOW factor.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words…

… then the right video partner is priceless. While for some conferences a presentation showcased on one or two simple 85” screens will be the right choice, to create the wow factor there are a myriad of different visual directions to take. It’s up to us as technical production partners to advise on the right one. From simple LED video screens to wrapping rooms in LEDS or projecting onto multiple backdrops for an immersive visual experience – at JLL we regularly push the boundaries of ‘what’s possible’ to ensure our client’s creativity is never limited by technology, and ensure the right equipment is used in the right place at the right time to ensure maximum engagement.

Smooth Sounds

There are three significant elements to consider with your event sound: Can the audience clearly hear it? Was the volume, balance and pitch right? Did it feedback? As AV specialists, we consider these and 100’s of other elements, but the crux of the matter is, could everyone at the event – both in-person and if they are joining virtually – hear what people in the spotlight are saying. An audience will truly feel the difference an expert sound engineer can make.

Although some venues have built-in PA systems, in most cases the sound lacks detail, quality and tone. As a specialist partner we bring our own equipment – such as mics and loud speakers – to ensure even distribution.

To ensure perfection, rather than relying on one type of microphone, for example, our team will select the best option for the type of event and the space to ensure both ‘ease of use’ for presenters and panelists, as well as products that will deliver the best sound quality. From Dynamic to ribbon microphones, wired or wireless, or even one for amplifying an instrument.

Doing it Sustainably

As well as being members of both the isla and albert sustainability associations we also minimise our transportation footprint when working outside the UK, we have built long-standing relationships with a selective range of global suppliers allowing us to sustainably source the latest and best local equipment and crew for each project. We also get a buzz that we are rated EPC A+ Certified Net Zero Carbon development with an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.

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