Why Prismm is the top tech of 2024 for event organizers


Prismm is a spatial design technology company that enables businesses to transcend the limitations of physical environments and conventional thinking to explore the infinite possibilities of space.

We know that each and every event experience has many functions connected to it – sales, marketing, and operations. Each has its own challenges to overcome to ensure that the event space reaches its full potential. 

And at the heart of it all sit event planners, managing vendors to caterers to the client — often clients, plural. They shouldn’t be reliant on the dreaded (cue ‘dum dum deeeeer’ music) spreadsheet to keep track of a raft of moving elements in order to bring life to client vision and create a memorable experience.

By utilizing spatial design technology via the Prismm platform, event organizers can efficiently plan and manage all aspects of the event from a single centralized hub, regardless of the number of spaces or rooms involved.


The Prismm platform allows you to evolve from just static images to dynamic 3D experiences, seamlessly moving between ideas and information in the real world to spontaneous interactions in the virtual. Plan, design, and visualize spaces in unity with clients, wherever they are.

Because gone are the days when it was just one person’s decision. Now, you’ll often be faced with multiple stakeholders (often geographically spread out) who all get some form of say in the event. So, getting them all on site, again and again, to give a consensus of opinion in their feedback… is tricky. Especially that one. Because there’s always one, isn’t there? The Prismm platform resolves that. Relationships are no longer 1D, they’re cultivated throughout the project based on creating more personalized experiences.


No matter how many different opinions and ideas people have, a digital twin means you can showcase different colors, layouts, embedded media, and more in a few simple clicks — ideal for when the customer(s) doesn’t know quite yet what they want.  And a shareable link means it’s easy to distribute different versions of floor plans to key stakeholders. There’s no turnaround time required. No manual labor involved to move chairs, tables, screens, pieces of art — whatever it is — simply do it all from inside the virtual space. You save yourself and the client time. And you know how that famous saying goes? Time is… (money, it’s money).

And doing this virtually has the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions from all parties — helping clients to achieve sustainability goals and objectives. Imagine telling a client you are able to put on the event exactly as they picture it, and they can also make progress toward sustainability targets? Dreamy. 


If all of that hasn’t convinced you that Prismm is the technology in 2024 (and beyond!) for event organizers, then what will? Well, how about a demonstration? To get a free demo and some insightful, witty chat, just contact us here!   

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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