First Sight Media – Rescuing events from a ‘good enough’ fate


When planning the perfect event, you’ll have a vision of exactly how you want it to play out. But what if you don’t have enough knowledge of the tech required to make that happen? Perhaps your supplier can’t fulfil your demands, or something goes wrong at the last minute and now what you had hoped for seems out of sight. In the end, you’ll try convincing yourself you’re happy with the way things have turned out, despite the nagging “if only” voice echoing throughout your “good enough” event.  Sound familiar?

However, this isn’t your only option. What you need is a provider that will answer your call, deliver quick solutions, generate ideas on the fly, and bring a wealth of experience to create flawless events. That’s where First Sight Media swoops in. So, who are we? We’re an award-winning event production and streaming specialist with 30-years’ experience of serving exhibitions, conferences, live events, and the academic sector across the UK. We specialise in virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, offering world-class services that cover it all

Our extensive experience allows us to rescue numerous events at short notice, earning us a reputation for going above and beyond to help transform events from a “good enough” fate. Whether we’re picking up where your original organiser left off, or starting from scratch, we see the potential in every brief and thrive on turning what may seem impossible, into reality. 

A recent mission we’ve completed took place in June 2023. A university had reached out to us for help in delivering a series of panel discussions. Their collaboration with a neighbouring university involved live panel discussions with a public audience, and the event quickly outgrew the capabilities of the original suppliers which is where First Sight Media were called upon. We listened to what our client needed in a quickly planned briefing session on a Friday morning, then by Monday afternoon, we had the event set up as the audience rolled in.

With First Sight Media, you can rest assured that your event is in safe hands, given the scale of content we have managed. In the past year alone, we streamed over 100,000,000 hours of footage and produced more than 2,000 in-person events. We’ve truly seen and handled it all.

Now, you may wonder how we achieve such remarkable results in so little time. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, and a heroic team of experts, we excel at planning, executing, and managing even the most demanding production and streaming projects. Our arsenal includes high-tech gear like 4K, PTZ, and 360-degree cameras, a world-class virtual studio, innovative AV solutions, and a range of technical equipment to impress. 

But it’s not all about our technology. Our highly skilled technical team, recently recognised as the Best Technical Production Team by the CN Awards, play a crucial role in our success. They are adept at finding solutions to any hiccups that may arise during your live events. By implementing meticulous preparation, rigorous checks, and comprehensive backups, we minimise the chances of any errors occurring. 

At First Sight Media, we specialise in taking small ideas and transforming them into showstopping productions. Whatever message you aim to communicate, we understand, guide, and shape your vision to produce content that will captivate your audience. 

When it comes to video production, we are the trusted partner who goes above and beyond to get it right the first time. Choose First Sight Media and let us be your superhero supplier for flawless event production.

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