Your sustainably-minded event gifting and lead-generation solution is here, and it’s not “SWAG”


Several months ago an article about “killing off” cheap, disposable conference and event swag went viral.

People weighed in from all angles. The overwhelming consensus – those planning events, attending events, and participating in events need to be more mindful of the products they use for the purpose of gifting.

The article noted that there are thousands of eco-conscious options promoted for gifting. But it’s equally as important for buyers to be discerning and ensure that these options are in fact, green(er) than other alternatives. This is up to all of us. Even the greenest option has a footprint that must be considered and an understanding that anything physical creates a burden on the environment, from manufacturing to packaging, shipping, and more.

So what’s the alternative?

Enter, Unwrapit.

Unwrapit is a digital gifting platform that offers a way for event planners to give low/no-waste gifts to attendees through a fully brandable and personalized gift experience, instantly. Unwrapit has designed the waste out of event gifting.

The platform creates a meaningful association between the event or brand and the experience of receiving a thoughtful, personalized and sustainably-minded gift.

This strengthens the brand relationship and creates enhanced loyalty and trust with the recipient. Most importantly, event planners can glean tangible insights and data to act upon with the goal to drive ROI through robust reporting.

So how does it work?

Recipients are invited to participate in the platform through a magic link, no account is needed. The recipient enjoys a fun and interactive experience and a choice of gift. Unwrapit’s real-time reporting allows event organizers to follow along.

Perhaps one of the most powerful elements of the platform is the ability for planners to offer a gift upon survey completion. The immediate gift delivery within an all-encompassing/integrated experience creates a stronger feeling of engagement and motivates the attendee toward completion. This shifts what can otherwise feel like a transactional experience into a relationship-building one. 

This approach to gifting completely removes the logistical headache of coordinating gifts to the venue and last-minute woes caused by production and supply chain challenges, shipping delays, wasteful packaging, and more.

There are several ways to use the platform for event purposes. For example, event attendees can be invited en masse to thank them for their time and attendance. Speakers could be given a personal card with a QR code inviting them into their own personalized experience with elevated gift choices. And exhibition booth planners can use Unwrapit as a lead generation tool on-site at events and as a way to engage with live attendees.

Various “unwrapping experiences” can live within one event campaign to help target different segments of your event attendees. This strikes the balance between bespoke gifts (expensive and difficult to execute) and thoughtless, as the experience is personalized to each individual in a budget and time-efficient way.

A certified as a BCorp and 1% for the Planet member, Unwrapit believes that giving event gifts in any capacity and making a positive impact can be one and the same.

For more information contact the Unwrapit team to book a demo!


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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