Vivastream: The event marketer’s secret weapon


Events are a key [and very expensive] component of many companies’ marketing arsenals, but reaping the full value of their investment has always been elusive. Vivastream believes that the solution lies in maximizing the potential of event data. One could argue that event data is the lifeblood of marketing strategy. It enables companies to understand which products customers are engaging with, feeds their internal marketing systems, guides future marketing campaigns, and provides benchmarks for future events. Bottom line, data insights drive business. But in order for that to happen, those insights must be extracted and made actionable. This is where the challenge lies and where Vivastream has had an industry-changing impact.

As the quality standard for events has become progressively higher, event marketers [EMs] have come under increasing pressure to create a memorable experience for attendees. The reward for their efforts? Disparate data scattered across different platforms. Who has time to sift through an avalanche of spreadsheets? Without a way to efficiently, effectively process volumes of disorganized event data, EMs were unable to glean customer insights, get an accurate view of customer engagement, make future product recommendations, or validate event spend.  Essentially, their data’s potential was lost.

In 2015, Vivastream came to the rescue with its revolutionary event data analytics platform. By streamlining disconnected data (i.e., ingesting data regardless of source or format), the platform finally allowed for true holistic analysis, the key to obtaining overarching attendee insights and gaining understanding across events.  Vivastream made sure that these analyses and insights were accessible and actionable by presenting them in meaningful, practical, shareable ways. Their easy-to-navigate dashboards and clear, visual reports are fully customizable, which means actionable data for all stakeholders: events, sales, marketing, account, sponsors, and executives. Vivastream also has the capability to feed analyses into CRM systems, marketing automation tools, data warehouses, and BI tools. Taking utility to yet another level, Vivastream just introduced its new AI capability, Viv. Viv puts insights at EMs’ fingertips in real time, enabling them to take prompt, assertive action.

Vivastream has always taken a cutting-edge, big-picture approach to event data analytics, and the ability to readily utilize event data drives Vivastream’s larger vision: to create an event marketing ecosystem by helping EMs translate event data into insights and recommendations that can be readily applied to marketing strategy. What better weapon than that? We are confident it will not remain secret for long.

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Sam Hyland
Author: Sam Hyland

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