Tips to Create a Truly Engaging Virtual Event


Learn how to enhance connection with participants, improving their experience and increasing their engagement.

Creating an engaging audience experience is a priority for all event professionals. This is especially true in today’s virtual world characterized by noise, but this needn’t be the case. We’ve lived through extensive disruption over the last few years, but following the progressive transition towards the hybrid world, a number of virtual meeting and event solutions have emerged. 

However, it can be a challenge to keep all attendees engaged, which is why bringing the human connection to the center of the virtual world is a priority. 

Below are some key tips to consider achieving this: 

Consider nonverbal communication

Only a small fraction of communication is verbal! A large proportion is nonverbal and is determined by nuances in our body language. 

Body language is so important because it can be used to increase engagement, build connections, and convey messages even when words are not spoken. We depend on body language to communicate our feelings and emotions nonverbally. We gesture to emphasize and talk with our hands when we are excited. It’s human connection at its core.

Despite the need for nonverbal cues, current virtual environments for events are limiting and restrict how humans communicate. For this reason, event professionals are looking beyond the traditional “people in a box” virtual platforms towards the next generation of immersive platforms in which visual cues – such as body language and the ability to see everyone and everything at the same time – are elevated. This helps to bring the human connection to all virtual interactions.

Encourage variety with your format

To keep things interesting while continuing to deliver meaningful messages and experiences that matter to your audience, try changing up the format of your virtual events. Use technology to turn virtual events into memorable and interactive experiences. It’s essential to seek vehicles to replicate the freedom of expression and excitement of variety that audiences have come to expect at events.

Consider mixing it up – present, engage, discuss – and allow a variety of participants to be the stars of the show.

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