A Greener Future (AGF) react to Government’s new Net Zero Strategy


Teresa Moore, AGF Director says:

“The Government’s new Net Zero Strategy was announced in the nick of time yesterday to meet a High Court deadline.”

“The irony is not lost in the fact that the Government’s last minute production of the strategy that they have been forced to revise displays a continued lack of urgency about climate change when the science repeatedly tells us that time is running out.”

“Whilst A Greener Future welcomes the focus on carbon removal from the atmosphere we worry that this will simply justify increased use of fossil fuels from the new investment and exploration set out in the strategy.”

“Short term thinking in the last two decades by successive governments relying on external sources of fossil fuel energy rather than long term investment in renewables is the real reason behind the UK’s lack of energy security today. There’s a sense that we are once again kicking the can down the road without making the investment needed to completely transform our energy industry and eliminate fossil fuel use once and for all.”

“The strategy covers 1000 pages and will need detailed analysis to fully understand the revised measures to hit the 2050 net zero targets but on the surface, it looks to be hugely disappointing.”

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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