Top software platforms for events


Event organisers have had to work very hard for data bounty they have captured through pivoting live conferences/exhibitions/festivals online since spring 2020.

Savvy software platforms are smart enough to help and the best of them will take the virtual spoils into their plans for the post-vaccine future. They collect, collate, manage and analyse audience behaviour patterns, from registration/ticket buying to show behaviour to egress – feeding back clear information about refining processes during an event to learnings for next time. As a result, the performance, the productivity of a live/hybrid show will leave little to chance.

D2i Systems: event management software tailored for your business

With the event sector focussing on the long-awaited return to physical events the team at D2i Systems are helping partners transition safely back to producing live events.

D2i has become synonymous with tailored solutions for event organisers with sophisticated requirements: back-office tools, online portals and on-site solutions are all delivered via a single event management platform.


ENGAGE the cloud-based core of D2i’s custom software provides off-the-shelf functionality to power CRM, sales, marketing, operations, competitions, conferences, ticketing, registration, contractor portals, onsite solutions, data capture, networking and live dashboard reporting as standard.

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ExpoPlatform’s all-in-one platform: Connect, Empower, Innovate


ExpoPlatform is a leading online networking and management platform for live, hybrid and virtual events. The AI-powered web and mobile-based solutions of the platform empower organisers to improve exhibitor experience, enhance attendee engagement, generate quality leads and drive ROI.

The modular platform focused on exhibitions can be scaled easily to B2B conferences and corporate events as well. Its integrated platform tools help improve the value proposition for events and generate new revenue streams through customised sponsorship packages for exhibitors and sponsors.

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Software platform for events Exposure Analytics

This year for the third time in a row Exposure Analytics won the prize for Best use of Technology for Event Analytics/Data Collection at The Event Technology Awards.

Over the past six years we’ve worked on over 4000 events around the world. Major venues, brands and agencies use our technology to understand the impact of their physical activities. We help them to justify their budgets, improve their ROI and also how to manage occupancy to keep the event safe.

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Priava: Combat COVID-19 Using Effective Floor Planning

One day soon, COVID-19 will become a distant memory, but the events industry has changed forever. The distancing measures and restrictions enforced across the globe in response to the pandemic have changed the way people behave in public spaces and, as a result, the expectations they have while attending events and gatherings.

So, what’s the solution?

Venues must refresh their existing procedures and protocols to reflect the “new normal” and ensure their success now and in the future. Working with our global customers, we have found that using an effective floor planning tool is one of the simplest ways that venues and events teams can combat the impacts of COVID-19 in the short term. Here are the top three reasons we believe floor planning is so effective: 

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Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.