InEvent: Top software platforms for events


As recognized by industry awards, media publications, and customer review sites, InEvent is the leading software for virtual and hybrid events.

Being an all-in-one platform, InEvent encompasses the entire attendee journey. From registration and ticketing, to live engagement and networking, to post-event reporting and analytics, InEvent has all the tools you need to produce an outstanding event.

Event Registration

InEvent´s registration solution is user-friendly, attractive, trackable, and fully-customizable to your event brand identity.


Through colorful landing pages, powerful forms, and email marketing integrations, you can create a personalized and captivating registration flow, with no downloads needed.

Live engagement

As the cornerstone of a successful event, live engagement is also at the center of InEvent´s proposition. Among its most used features, interactive built-in polling offers a seamless experience for attendees and empowers organizers to build meaningful conversations since results are available in real-time.

Designed for engaging virtual events, InEvent´s Virtual Lobby delivers an immersive event environment and a smooth event journey, making it easy for attendees to navigate between breakout rooms, pre-produced content, live sessions, and sponsor booths.

Enhanced networking

InEvent´s platform is geared towards promoting and encouraging networking connections. With a private chat and 1:1 videoconferencing, attendees can instantly message each other individually whilst enjoying the event or schedule a business meeting within the platform.

Added to that, InEvent´s platform and mobile app allow attendees to create rich profiles, featuring their organization, location, photo, short bio, interests, and social media. 

Intuitive and detailed analytics

InEvent´s detailed analytics dashboards enable instant monitoring of attendee engagement and provide valuable insights demonstrating event ROI.

Presented in intuitive graphs, InEvent´s data analytics measure interactions (comments, polls responses), engagement (average unique live views per session, viewing time per session), networking (messages exchanged, web of connections). and email statistics (open rates, click-through rates).

Get started today with InEvent and deliver memorable end-to-end event journeys, delight attendees, boost event brands and strengthen relationships with your audience. 


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