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Pavilions at The National Eisteddfod of Wales Festival

We are no strangers to creating custom built seating structures for outdoor and indoor events. As one of the leaders in our industry, Steeldeck Rentals have been designing, building, and installing bespoke temporary staging and seating across the UK and Europe for 30 years. Our repeat work at some of the UK’s most loved and popular venues means we are fortunate enough to constantly deliver.

We provide a wide range of seating hire solutions including tiered, flat floor and faceted seating solutions.

We supply and install temporary seating from our depots in London and Manchester for all types of events including fashion shows, schools, conferences, exhibitions, theatre, music, festivals, film, and TV.

Experts in our field and one of the UK’s leading companies who build entirely bespoke event seating within all three dimensions of tier height, tier depth and row length. We design custom seating to accommodate spatial, budget, and scheduling constraints.

Our expertise is custom design. By constructing our sub-structure with Steeldeck and utilising our versatile equipment, we have the unique ability to build with exceptional precision in challenging and confined spaces, maximising every inch. We are regularly working at heritage venues, where protecting the fabric of the building and its surroundings is paramount. We can also level out uneven ground, even providing solutions to support extreme weight, such as shipping containers and vehicles! Our flexibility allows us to maintain accuracy, while navigating around obstacles to find solutions without ever compromising on the design.

Canary Wharf Paddle Tennis and Volleyball


We offer a variety of tiered seating structures suitable for diverse venues, such as auditoria, lecture halls, theatres, and grandstands. Our installations are quick, adaptable, and designed for indoor or outdoor settings. With padded and upholstered seats, we ensure both comfort and elegance, perfect for exclusive events. We also offer an outdoor plastic version, capable of withstanding the elements. Our seating provides audiences with optimal views, with safety in design as our priority.

We can build to any rise height, at any angle, and in awkward spaces. Our design team will work with you to determine the right seating structure to help you achieve your ideal audience size and within the confines of the space available optimising sight lines and maximising the audience’s experience.

For 30 years, Steeldeck has provided custom seating and stage installations for theatres, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, schools, sports, fashion, broadcasting, and music. For further information, please call 020 7833 2031 or email rentals@steeldeck.co.uk.

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