Exhibit 3Sixty launches optimised order platform to improve the exhibitor experience


Exhibition main contractor, Exhibit 3Sixty, has launched its customisable online hub, simplifying the design and ordering process of exhibition stands and spaces.

Exhibit 3Sixty has successfully optimised its bespoke suite of organiser and exhibitor-friendly online tools to further simplify the entire online design and ordering process for exhibitions. With an emphasis on creating a linear journey for the exhibitor, Exhibit 3Sixty aims to ensure accuracy in online ordering, locating information, and streamlining communication between the contractor, exhibitor and organiser.

After successfully deploying the first suite of tools in March 2023, including the Online Ordering and Graphics Portal and Graphics Calculator, Exhibit 3Sixty has made further enhancements by developing more tools and functionality and unifying them into a single ‘hub,’ a bespoke, customised portal for each show. Exhibit 3Sixty’s in-house team has developed and launched the hub as part of its ongoing move towards a more ergonomic event experience for organisers and exhibitors.

Extensive research into existing solutions found that 3D visualisations, interactivity, and the use of conditional logic could be used to create a platform that is exclusive to Exhibit 3Sixty. In addition to refining the portals, Exhibit 3Sixty has developed two tools using a similar conditional logic form to the previous Artwork Calculator, where exhibitors could find their exact artwork sizes and dimensions by filling out only four fields. To account for varying pricing and data on stand items, exhibitors can now input their information, such as the number of electrical outputs required and wall dimensions, to automatically retrieve pricing for electrics and graphics.

The 3D visualisations and interactive elements aim to increase exhibitor satisfaction and allow organisers to, at request, leverage its simplicity as a marketing tool for their events. With floor plans to enable exhibitors to visualise their space, 3D permutations of stand items and products (lighting, flooring, graphics, etc.), virtual tours of shell scheme stands, and video tutorials up to 1-minute long demonstrating how to place an order, exhibitors can visualise their stands, mitigate duplicate orders, and enable them to enhance their space further with additional or fewer items.

Sam Pearce, commercial manager, Exhibit 3Sixty, explained, “We believe these portals will enhance the exhibitor and organiser experience of any show. With our goal to improve the exhibitor journey combined with our time efficiency, we believe our portals will create repeat business for organisers.” He continued, “These portals are exclusive to Exhibit 3Sixty, so when we are appointed as the contractor for a show, organisers can leverage our tools as a unique selling point. It frees up a lot of time for us and enables us to be more prompt and punctual in our response to issues that may arise, any questions, turning around designs or ordering items. Using the old-fashioned method, one exhibitor placing an order for a single item could take up to 5 emails to organise. Now we can do everything much quicker than before.”

The hub, developed using best practice identified in research and the evaluation of other online tools and paper manuals, has been successfully trialled on several shows and is now live and ready to use. To roll out the hub, Exhibit 3Sixty is offering keen organisers the opportunity to test out the portals for themselves via a demo site, where they can see how it works and discover how they can help exhibitors visualise their space.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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