Event Ticketing Platform Ticket Tailor Launches carbon emissions tracking for global community of 70,000+ event creators


London, 25th March 2024 – Ticket Tailor, a leading event ticketing platform, have unveiled their latest innovation: the Climate Impact Tracker. This tool provides their global community of 70,000+ event creators with real-time updates on the carbon emissions generated from selling tickets via the platform, along with charitable donations by Ticket Tailor based on ticket sales through the platform.

The motivation behind this launch is to provide transparency on the carbon impact of using the software and to highlight Ticket Tailor’s efforts to offset that impact and support climate charities. Integrated into the event creators’ dashboard overview, this increased visibility aims to inspire further actions towards climate responsibility.

Founded in 2010, Ticket Tailor offers easy and affordable event ticketing solutions worldwide, with an overarching mission to ensure every ticket sold through their platform has a net positive impact. The company, headed up by CEO and Founder Jonny White, harnessed the term ‘growth on purpose’ to dictate how they do business. This was backed up by becoming the world’s first independent ticketing company to gain B Corp certification. They are also carbon neutral, having offset their entire history of emissions with high quality carbon removals, and donate 1p (1.3c) of every ticket sales to charity partners through their Penny for the Planet promise. This launch marks another pioneering move in advancing the ticketing industry.

Since its launch in late 2022, Penny for the Planet donations are currently just shy of an impressive £400,000 benefiting four charity partners who are crucial in the fight against climate change: Ocean Conservation Trust; Cumbria Wildlife Trust, The Rainforest Foundation UK; and Heal. This direct tie between donations and ticket sales amplifies the impact as the company grows. In 2023, Ticket Tailor experienced 37% growth, processing 18.5 million tickets – resulting in £137,000 in donations!

Ticket Tailor achieved carbon neutrality in 2021 with the support of Supercritical, the largest multi-method carbon removal marketplace. Following Supercriticals’ expert advice, Ticket Tailor invests in high quality carbon removals to offset their annual emissions across all three scopes, while taking actionable steps to minimise carbon emissions per ticket – details of which are in their annual Impact Report. They also chose to offset all historic emissions produced since the company’s inception, which is a step beyond requirements for carbon neutrality and not common practice.

Ticket Tailor continues to collaborate with Supercritical each year for their carbon emission measurements, enabling them to calculate the average carbon footprint per ticket in any given year, which came to 0.006kg CO₂ per ticket in 2023 and includes scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This data allows Ticket Tailor to display the individual carbon footprint for each event creator’s ticketing function in the new tracker. While ticketing typically makes up a small percentage of the total emissions from events, it’s a supportive step for those already reporting their emissions, and serves as a starting point for those who are not.

When discussing the importance of the Climate Impact Tracker, Ticket Tailor Founder and CEO Jonny spoke about the bigger picture goal: “In today’s world, businesses hold a responsibility to not only strive for success but to do so with purpose and accountability. With the launch of our Climate Impact Tracker, we aim to set a new standard of transparency and environmental accountability in the event ticketing industry. We believe that all businesses, regardless of size or industry, should prioritise measuring and mitigating their environmental impact. By integrating carbon reporting and climate donations into our platform, we empower event creators to make informed decisions and take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future.”

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