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If you run hosted buyer events or buyer-supplier forums, you will know that it’s sponsors and suppliers who really pay for your business event. If you can provide them with quality meetings of 15-30 minutes with buyers who are keen to engage with them, then your event will be a success.

But 1-to-1 meetings are not about throwing event attendees together in the hope that something may happen, or filling the diaries of suppliers with buyers who don’t turn up or who sit there like lemons looking at their watch.

It’s about getting the buyers to initiate the meetings to the greatest degree possible or, failing that, to completely “buy into” the scheduled meeting. That way, your meetings will not only happen, they will have a good chance of resulting in new business.

You don’t need a huge footfall or a lot of expense to make this happen. But you do need a provider with years of experience who really knows the terrain.

Below are the stats for a handful of B2B summit events run last summer using Delegate Select’s software. They show quality meetings that actually occurred in 2022 between suppliers and buyers. Results this year are similar.

If your event software is not bringing results like these, at a cost of $3 to $5 per meeting, then definitely contact us at

P.S. We don’t just only offer brilliant 1-to-1 meetings solutions. We offer superb solutions for your whole event including registration, user profiling, complex payment, ticketing, streamed event programs, badging and lead retrieval.

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