What do brands look for when exhibiting at a trade show?


Event sponsorships are the top choice for organisers to monetise events. In fact, 29.7% of all organisers admit that sponsorships are their main source of income from virtual events (EMBlog).

Managing Sponsor Expectations

As Mike Butcher, Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch says: “We really try to work with sponsors to achieve their goals, while at the same time, maintaining editorial independence. A lot of these sponsors don’t just want to have a sponsor sticker slapped onto an event. They want to do something that has a real conversational element to it.”

So by communicating with your sponsors, you can create tailor-made sponsorship packages. These discussions will also help eliminate any false expectations that your sponsor has from you and your event.

How To Sell a Valuable Sponsorship Opportunity? 

The average rate for virtual and hybrid event sponsorship packages is $8,456, according to markletic.com.

Acknowledge that you are offering tremendous marketing value to your exhibitors. But don’t forget, your main focus is providing the event-goers with a valuable experience. So let that be the driving force behind your event planning and exhibitors selection.

Best practices when managing exhibitors in a trade show

  • Ask the exhibitors to update their information, such as the company logo, description, etc.
  • Remind exhibitors to upload downloadable files (brochures, presentations, etc.) that website or app users can access.
  • Use the Eventscase platform to integrate the exhibitors’ product with the 1-2-1 meeting scheduler since this would make booking online meetings with exhibitors more intuitive.

If you are a current customer of Eventscase, you can see more best practices and tutorials on how to best manage your exhibitors on the Eventscase Knowledge Base.


Virtual and hybrid events may make it seem hard to find sponsorships. But it is good to remind yourself that sponsors only want one thing: access to your audience.

Exhibitors want to see value for their brands on each touchpoint of an event and, with Eventscase, organisers can maximise their exhibitor’s experience and provide them with insightful data.

The Eventscase platform offers marketing and management tools specifically developed for trade shows. With it, organisers can

  • Create different types of exhibitor stands
  • Establish exhibitor categories
  • Create a registration form for exhibitors
  • Add exhibitors (one-by-one or in bulk).

If you are a current customer, contact your Project Manager to activate the Exhibitors Area. If you want to start today, signup for a free trial at https://eventscase.com

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