Logical Safety Solutions: working all year round to integrate a positive and practical safety culture


There are lots of reasons why a business or event can and should utilise a safety consultant, or even better a company that specialises in safety services.

At Logical Safety Solutions we work with our clients all year round to integrate a positive and practical safety culture within their organisation. We do this in partnership, through the implementation of Safety Management Systems, policies and procedures, event specific safety planning and document provision, along with IOSH accredited and custom-made training. 

Most organisations are aware of their legal duties with regards to H&S, however for some it can still feel that H&S is something that is imposed on them by a venue, a local authority, or a Safety Advisory Group. We encourage organisations to feel the benefit of effective H&S measures, by offering a service that not only ensures compliance but offers simple, practical, and innovative safety measures.

No two events or businesses are the same, but they all require a combination of specialist skills to make them truly successful and in the same way as you wouldn’t expect your marketing team to install your stage you should ensure that H&S is a specialist service. A safety advisor should not only have suitable qualifications in H&S but also have regular experience of working within the sector in a safety role. 

The benefits of having a good safety advisor are immeasurable, not only in the planning stages in preparing robust specific safety paperwork, but also through testing the resilience of staff and plans and being able to offer practical solutions that have been tried and tested.

Our ability to use our vast multiple experiences, to minimise risks to organisations is second to none. From international business premises process, stunts in city centres, building a venue on an abandoned beach, launching the worlds biggest cruise ships, to ensuring that mass sports events and gatherings go ahead despite adverse weather, gas works and protests, chances are we have seen it all.

By having a safety advisor on site at a specific event to monitor health and safety you can stay one step ahead and pre-empt potential issues and react to emerging hazards or the changing environment. Our safety advisor’s ability to remain calm under pressure when faced with an incident, accident or similar scenario is vital and can ensure that an appropriate response and due process is applied. 

We always work collaboratively from the initial planning phases of any project to ensure that everyone can achieve their aims safely –

Good partnerships are built on respect and trust, you should feel reassured that our safety advisors are acting in your best interests, and you shouldn’t feel bullied or dictated to. However, it can also help to have the ‘bad guy’ on hand to monitor contractors, politely pushback those stakeholders overstepping their boundaries or remind an overzealous client of their legal responsibilities and the potential risks.

For more information see www.logicalsafety.co.uk or drop an e-mail to info@logicalsafety.co.uk

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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