The pandemic has accelerated the development of digital solutions for meetings, conferences and events. It has also made many people realise the economic, environmental and time benefits of this. However, many of the meeting solutions used are not always the most optimal, flexible or engaging to use – something the platform vVenues has changed.

vVenues is a digital platform for everything from trainings and conferences to galas and trade fairs. With the platform, it is possible to create a virtual meeting place in an engaging and interactive way that can be tailored to needs, messages and expressions. Users can easily navigate between, for example, lectures, social rooms and workshops in a virtual environment reminiscent of physical events. – The pandemic has opened up new ways to meet digitally. However, many may not have discovered how good experiences can be when there are significantly more well-developed systems for virtual meetings than most experienced during the pandemic. We created a new type of digital platform based on experiences we have from physical events. vVenues allows a new way to explore digital content and a completely different, and more interactive experience to absorb information, says Mats Mileblad, CEO of vVenues.

84 percent experience it as a physical event Since the spring of 2020, over 500 events have been arranged and over half a million people have participated. The platform is currently being launched globally as well. Surveys conducted after the events show that 92 percent of visitors feel that it adds more value compared to traditional webinars and 84 percent experience the equivalent of a physical event. Digital events are also superior when it comes to sustainability and time efficiency, which means that they have secured their obvious place even after the pandemic because visitors got used to the benefits. Then it will be important to use a digital platform that provides a better experience than the classic meeting solutions. – We have seen many different uses that we had not even thought of. Conducting a training digitally is incredibly effective because you can ensure that each participant goes through the same training and is certified in the same way even if a company has employees all over the world. The companies get the opportunity to create experiences and to provide much more information on one on the visitor’s terms. In addition, there will not be the same cluster of people standing and talking and thereby a more inclusive network, says Mats Mileblad. Endless possibilities Digital events via vVenues can be adapted endlessly for small or large events that include scenes, breakout opportunities, effective networking, entertainment and exhibitions. What distinguishes vVenues from other platforms is that each event has its own look and content adapted to the organiser’s agenda and brand, the experience therefore becomes more engaging and unique. – With vVenues it is possible to create endless possibilities that are not possible to include during a physical event. It also becomes more customised when users can easily choose which information they want to receive and when. You can participate on your own terms and you reach many more. Digital events are here to stay and we can with vVenues enable a better experience for both organisers and participants.



Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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