The Circular Life: Strategies don’t create change – people do!


The Circular Life works with sustainability professionals and teams to equip them with the tools and insight to lead green business transformation, shifting strategy delivery into ‘Business As Usual’

Whether you’re a sustainability professional, a CEO designing net zero into the business model, or delivering strategy as a ‘part of the day job’… the challenge we face is vast, has many moving parts and can often be overwhelming.

We help you transform.

Through blended programmes of leadership coachingstrategic direction, and team development, we guide individuals and teams to lead net zero with more confidence, impact and allies in the business and value chain.

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Why might you work with The Circular Life?


  1. You need a confidence boost to help you navigate change in team, client or company dynamics with more ease and influence.
  2. You want to strengthen your emotional intelligence and resilience, crush imposter syndrome* and calm climate anxiety or overwhelm.
  3. You want to discover more clarity and conviction in your sustainability decision-making.


  1. You want to pivot sustainability strategy from bolt-on to built-in, so it threads into the business plan, ethos and company culture.
  2. You want to learn about green working culture and leverage allies in the business and supply chain – turning passive supporters into active participants.
  3. You want to affect and influence industry change and tap into Systems Innovation tools and methods.


  1. You are a sustainability team or partnership and want to blend leadership and culture into a peer learning and development programme.

We also run FREE monthly insight sessions on sustainability, leadership and culture.
In November, we have a coaching-inspired group development session on ‘HOW TO beat imposter syndrome’. Future sessions to be announced

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Briony Pete, founder of The Circular Life, is an experienced strategist, coach, facilitator and engagement specialist with over a decade of experience in sustainable development, people and culture.

‘I’ve met thousands of passionate and talented individuals leading and delivering sustainability and net zero strategy, and many face a similar challenge.

→ They don’t fully believe in themselves and their ability to lead transformational change.

This is about more than sustainability knowledge or technical ability – many of our clients are incredibly skilled professionals. It is about strengthening leadership qualities and building a solid foundation for change across your company and its value chains.

We focus is on people. We support their growth and evolution so they can confidently and intuitively design, lead and influence positive change and greater impact in their sustainability and net zero journeys.

If you are interested in how The Circular Life can help boost the impact of your sustainability or net zero strategy – book a discovery call or visit the website below for more information. |

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