In-depth review of awards management platform Evalato

Evalato is a marked improvement on how you create, customize, and manage your awards.


Evalato is a next-gen awards management platform that automates, streamlines, and improves most of your program processes. You can use it to manage any kind of program like awards, competitions, contests, recognitions, etc. It’s also a way to make judges and applicants enjoy a straightforward and easy experience with your program, which is always a huge plus.

Initial impressions

Evalato manages to impress from the off. While many similar solutions tend to be somewhat secretive about their product and pricing, here you get the exact opposite treatment. You not only get transparent pricing and the option to schedule a demo right away, but also test the platform for free – no strings attached.

Another thing that strikes you at first is how easy and intuitive getting started is. Enough so that you can jump in and get some work done on your awards right away, even if you’ve never used a software solution before! But Evalato is meant for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

In that regard, more advanced users will definitely appreciate the plethora of fantastic features and customization options at their disposal. The more time you spend with the platform the more you realize what a powerful tool Evalato is. You get everything you need to tailor everything down to the last detail.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the front-end supports 40+ languages. You can translate your program in the language of your audience with a single click. You also get 160+ currencies supported, payments via various international and local processors, as well as custom billing and tax rules – Evalato is a comprehensive international platform that tries to tick as many boxes as possible and largely succeeds.

How it works

In short, the service provides the tools you need to create and manage things end-to-end. From creating and customizing your program down to the last detail, automating communication and processing payments, to announcing the winners and posting the results.

Normally you start by creating one or more categories for people to choose from and register for your program. Once registered, each person gets access to their own program profile, which has everything they need to be part of your program. For example, they get to work and send their applications for consideration, or check the status of their submissions. If the program includes virtual event elements, people can also fill out a participant profile, create their own personal agenda, arrange meetings, etc.

Submitted applications go into a dedicated section on your admin panel. You can review and shortlist them for the next phases of your program, approve or reject them. Or request they be resubmitted. You get to monitor all program data, sales analytics, submissions, judging progress. At the same time manage and control everything with ease, in any way that you need.


Information about the pricing plans is available at The best part here is that there are no “paywalled” features – you get all bells and whistles regardless of the plan you choose. Overall pricing is in line with other leading solutions on the market and the plans offer a good option for any budget. Considering what you get, the service offers fantastic value for your money.



  • Customizable application process – decide when people can register, submit, edit, resubmit or withdraw their applications. Manual or automatic approval. Option to request resubmission of specific applications.
  • Fast Apply applicant portal – a full-feature next-gen submission portal, where applicants can create, edit, save, resume, and submit their work.
  • Enhanced category and group structure – allow single or multiple applications per registration. Registration form structure with up to 3 levels grouping and subgrouping.
  • Assignable, sleek, customizable application forms – tailor your program’s application forms according to your exact specifications, with required and hidden fields, questions, etc.


  • One-click entry approval and shortlisting – approve and shortlist program entries en masse with a single click of the mouse, or micro-manage in greater detail and just as easily.
  • Multiple evaluation rounds – create even the most complex evaluation phase, with multiple judging rounds with horizontal and/or vertical structure.
  • Advanced judge assignment – robust jury member assignment to program categories and/or evaluation rounds offers total control over the judging process.
  • Full-feature judging portal – program judges can vote, abstain, and leave comments from any personal or mobile device, for maximum convenience.


  • Use your logo, theme, colors – Use your logo to strengthen brand recognition among your audience, choose the style, color, and typography of your registration form.
  • Webpage builder – create a web page in just a few easy steps, where people can find out more about your program and register.
  • Embeddable registration form – create and customize the registration form to your liking, then embed it in your website with a simple copy-paste, just like a YouTube video.
  • Multi-device experience – applicants and judges can experience every element of your program from any personal or mobile device.


Competitive pricing, extensive tools for awards and virtual events, unlimited free testing, easy learning curve, highly customizable and flexible.


No free to use option, missing some features for grants and scholarships


Useful virtual events and matchmaking – Evalato offers tools for virtual events and community building, which is not something you expect to find in an awards management platform. This means you can run any kind of virtual event as part of your program – an award ceremony, conferences, networking sessions, b2b matchmaking, etc.

Easy web page builder for your program – if you don’t have your own website, creating a web page with Evalato is a pretty easy task. You don’t need any technical knowledge or previous experience and it takes only a few minutes. People can use the page to find out more about your program and register for it.

Data protection and security – Evalato is fully compliant with GDPR and other applicable data protection regulations. On top of that, the developers have gone through great lengths to create a safe environment for all parties involved. You get all the high-end security stuff like TLS 256-bit encryption, SOC 2 Type II reporting, backups on an internal non-publicly visible network on NAS/SAN servers, etc.

Unlimited users, judges, storage, forms, and more – simply put, you get to work without limitations. Invite people to be program admins and help you get the job done. Have as many program judges as you need for the evaluation phase of your program. Create multiple application forms to your exact requirements, add the fields you need and collect the right information to make your program a success.


Evalato is up there with the best awards management solutions on the market today. It’s rare that you get a platform where you can accomplish so much, regardless of the complexity that you need for your program. Its rich set of features, intuitive interface, and modern look make it an invaluable tool for any awards manager. Add to that competitive pricing and the fact it’s being actively developed based on the most current needs of the industry and user feedback – you get a real winner.

Find out more about Evalato, test the platform for free, or book a demo – visit


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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