The perfect way to keep attendees informed, connected and more involved than ever. The mobile app is very easy to setup and makes sure people exactly know what’s going on where and when.

Next to sharing all information about the event you are able to present a full interactive attendee list. Now attendees are able to get in touch and send in-app messages before, during and after the event.

Attendees become part of the event

As the app offers several useful features to increase the participation level people will get more involved than ever which results in optimum customer event experience. Live polling, in-app messaging and the closed community bulletin board are embraced by attendees, as they really become part of the event.

Conferences and incentive travels

Appendee has an obvious focus on delivering apps for conferences and incentive travels. Participants want to prepare them selves best in order to get comfortable. Provide them with the most up to date information. Limit the chances of unpleasant surprises, searching through e-mails or carrying around booklets by offering them all relevant information on their most important device.

Know what drives the crowd

Capture your attendee’s or travellers thoughts! People love to share their ideas and experiences. The closed community bulletin board lets attendees or travellers post, like and comment on questions, photos and stories. The excitement will start far before the conference and last longer than ever.


We believe Appendee is one of the easiest and most powerful tools to improve communication and increase the interaction among attendees. Surprisingly the app is already available for less than a thousand euros and Appendee can deliver apps within 24 hours.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.