Episode 4: A.C.T. National mock trial’s defendant, John Crouchley, takes to the stand

In this week’s episode of A.C.T. National’s mock trial, prosecuting barrister, David Campbell, shifted his focus onto John Crouchley, the site manager at the defending company, Arkwright Electrical Components Ltd.

As the court had been informed over the previous episodes, Crouchley was the person in charge of the site when the incident occurred. 

Campbell threw a stream of unfaltering questions in Crouchley’s direction in order to paint a clearer picture of the incident for the jury. He then picked apart Crouchley’s statements to reveal details about the safety assessment. 

He stressed to the jury that Crouchley did not have any formal training or qualifications in health and safety before indicating to the jury that they only had Crouchley’s “word for it” that he had even completed the relevant safety checks.

Crouchley was then subjected to the defending barrister’s questions.

Tune in next week to see Campbell redirect his piercing questions to witness, Mark Bowers, a freelance labourer, and the fall victim, Derek Wanley.

Catch up on last week’s episode here.

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