Episode 3: Cross-examination in A.C.T. National’s mock trial

Continuing from last week’s episode of A.C.T. National’s mock trial – in which prosecuting barrister, David Campbell, and witness, Alan Tungate, read through an interview between the defendant and an officer – Tungate is put under the spotlight from the defendant’s representative.

Picking through the evidence provided in a booklet form to the jury (played by the audience), the representative quizzed Tungate on specifics regarding the health and safety regulations, site rules, control measures and permits.

Upon dissecting the evidence, the representative questioned whether it was appropriate to prosecute a self-employed builder as well as a “large organisation” whose duty, he argues, was to enforce the health and safety procedures.

Tungate offers his expertise and professional opinion before being released from the podium and invited to sit back down.

Following this, prosecuting barrister, David Campbell, turns his penetrating questions to the health and safety advisor for one of the defending companies, Eleanor Western.

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