Elevate launches online creativity and resiliance course with subsidy for the unemployed


The Elevate mentoring programme was created four years ago to inform, empower and inspire the events community. The programme has seen hundreds mentored and trained in that time but this online course titled: Creative Problem Solving Made Practical, will be the first made available to the wider events industry. 

Future of work experts at the World Economic Forum and LinkedIn all predicted that creative problem solving was going to be an essential skill moving forward. However, the disruption of COVID-19 has accelerated this. The course is designed for any event professional, client or agency, supplier or venue to learn how to use creative thinking to solve challenges. These skills are hugely valuable, but never more so than in times of great change as we’re seeing now. 

The course will be led by Matt Bolton-Alarcón who will bring learnings from training thousands of people globally at companies like Google, Spotify and L’Oréal. Made up of four bite-sized sessions, it will take place in the last two weeks in July starting on the 20th at 9am. 

Max Fellows, Co-founder of Elevate mentoring said: “We’ve been working really hard at Elevate to make sure our community are supported through mentoring and knowledge sharing via our digital event series. We’ve now developed a new training program which promises to help everyone! Businesses, freelancers, those on furlough and anyone who now finds themselves unemployed. You will learn new creative ways to problem solve and tackle any challenge, which is something everyone can benefit from right now.”  


Matt Bolton-Alarcón, Founder of Special Sauce Training added. “Creative thinking has gone from a good-to-have to a must-have to help navigate all of the current challenges the world is throwing at us. Learn here how to do it deliberately and confidently to generate new solutions for yourselves and others”. 

The total cost for all four sessions is £125 and for those that have either been made redundant or are out of work, the total cost will be £65

Places can be booked on Eventbrite https://elevate_evolve.eventbrite.co.uk

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