Greenage launches EVENTsmart to track carbon emissions for responsible meetings and events


Greengage – an independent provider of advice and accreditation to the meetings and travel industry – has launched EVENTsmart, a carbon calculator for responsible meetings and events of all sizes ranging from virtual meetings to large-scale conferences and exhibitions.

EVENTsmart is launched in response to demand from event organisers, hotels and meeting venues for a new approach to responsible event planning.   Event venues in particular are planning to use the platform to demonstrate to bookers their commitment to reducing emissions and waste.

The platform has been designed to evaluate all carbon emissions for meetings and events including travel, accommodation, the meeting space, catering, electricity, gas, water, event materials and waste.

It is apt that EVENTsmart launches during Food Waste Action Week, as a major area of focus on the platform is helping event organisers to manage food more responsibly by accurately measuring all event food and beverages consumed as well as anything wasted, in line with Defra’s proposed consultation.

WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme estimates that 1.1 million tonnes of food are thrown away by the hospitality and food service industry every year – and 75% of the food wasted could have been eaten.  Better food management will reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

EVENTsmart is an easy-to-use software platform with smart dashboards that keep tabs on an organisation’s entire meeting programme, providing updates on the cumulative emissions effect and tracking them against a carbon budget.

Greengage can use this data to apply carbon offsets to help towards delivering carbon neutral events.

Greengage CEO Andrew Perolls said, “As companies increasingly focus on reducing their carbon footprint, meetings and events are in the spotlight.  Our new software platform will provide accurate data for anything from a virtual meeting to a large-scale conference or exhibition.  Emissions are generated from travel, accommodation, catering, heat, power, waste and it’s important to be able to measure each element and cut levels of CO2.

“We’re on a mission to work with clients and partners to demonstrate that changing some of the norms in event catering can provide a more environmentally friendly outcome, lower emissions, and save money while meeting the expectations of delegates who want to see a more sustainable approach.

“WRAP, experts in the circular economy and resource efficiency, supports the hospitality and food service sector with their Guardians of Grub campaign and here at Greengage we are proud to share resources so that the sector can feed people not bins.”

View a preview of how EVENTsmart works here

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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