S+H supplies LED screen & video floor to Budweiser Event at Wembley

Photos: Courtesy Stoneapple Productions

LED screen, drapes and special FX specialist firm, S+H Technical Support, supplied LED screen and video flooring to Stoneapple Productions for a large event in the Great Hall at Wembley Stadium, London, for The Budweiser Brewing Group (BBG).

BBG commissioned Stoneapple Productions to design, produce and co-ordinate all the technical elements required for the two-day event, attended by BBG customers and showcasing a number of its famous brands, including Stella Artois, Budweiser, Becks, Corona to name a few.

The S+H 3.9 mm LED screen was used in the main conference and presentation area, designed as a 270-degree auditorium comprising a main stage and catwalk going into the audience and surrounded by six banks of seats for 800 guests.

The main upstage screen was configured as a 10-metre-wide by three metre high surface, with the central section curving gracefully at the bottom and flowing into the 10 metre long  catwalk, completing an elegant, stylish and innovative design utilising the 20mm pitch LED floor.

Two additional LED surfaces were positioned opposite the main screen, enabling 360% surround viewing, each screen measuring 4.5 metres wide by 2.5 deep.

The screens collectively supported a series of live presentations and showed brand-related video content throughout the two-day event.

On the evening of the first day, the space was transformed into a party area, with a band and DJ onstage. The versatile design plus all the LED surfaces then helped ramp up the fun factor and party vibes creating a great ambience for all to enjoy.

Keynote, Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations along with video content were run from separate servers, and some of S+H’s library video content was utilised for the evening event.

An S+H crew of four worked closely with the stage and set builders on site and alongside Stoneapple Productions’ team headed by producer, Francesca Gray, and technical designer, Steve Horne.

Stoneapple Productions also supplied three live cameras which were fed into the screen vision mixing system for IMAG feeds output to the screens.

Francesca chose to work with S+H again due to its “great ongoing relationship” with Terry Murtha and everyone at S+H HQ, and also because of the lightweight and easy-to-rig screen solution that S+H could provide was perfect for the event.

“Terry always comes to us with high-quality and cost-effective deals that ensure we can offer our clients the best production values for their events which is fundamental to our business. The kit is well-prepped and always top quality, and S+H crews are fantastic to work with on site. Nothing is ever a problem!”

S+H has steadily built up its stock of standard LED screens in recent years along with other specialist video products like video flooring and video banners, all of which can be used in stand-alone scenarios or integrated into designs like this one, for slick, seamless high-impact creative presentations.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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