Venue Spotlight: The Studio @ Croke Park


With people around the world in various degrees of lockdown, we remain in the largest workplace experiment ever. Whether engaging with weekly MS Teams meetings or larger global conferences, the challenge of engaging remotely with colleagues, customers and far-flung audiences remains.

While we don’t have any choice about the situation in which we find ourselves, we have adapted and learned what works in the world of virtual meetings and events.  When used properly and judiciously, virtual meeting platforms are highly effective ways of communicating, motivating, and rallying the troops.  However, for larger meetings and events, it has become increasingly necessary to raise the bar and approach the event like a TV production. We now expect slick sophistication from what we consume via screens and, naturally, we transfer this expectation to work related virtual meetings. If we want work colleagues, clients or other attendees to be actively engaged with large scale virtual meetings and events, then we may need to consider a virtual studio and the production options these bring. 

With virtual the new reality for events, Croke Park was quick to react and develop a new virtual events studio with their partners AVCOM – and studio business has been booming! This versatile space is designed to deliver dynamic, creative, and flexible virtual events to engage audiences and keep clients connected.  Recently, they moved to a new larger space within the stadium campus with enhanced facilities.  Safety of organisers, speakers and the studio events team are the priority with more space for distancing and full compliance with all Covid-19 safety measures.

Along with award-winning ATOMIC modular scenery and live streaming features, the studio delivers a truly unique experience for presenters, remote participants, and virtual attendees.  It features six technical stations covering production management, audio, lighting, camera, media, dynamic switching, and a dedicated client station with a full team of virtual experts.


The studio team is helping agency and direct clients deliver dynamic, creative, and stress-free virtual experiences with seamless streaming solutions to broadcast events in full HD from the walk-in studio. This includes pre-produced content, audience interactivity, and scalable end-to-end solutions that can be distributed on any digital platform to any size audience. Webinars, presentations, virtual award ceremonies can all be live streamed globally or privately. Broadcasting from Croke Park adds to the studio appeal with the opportunity to capture content against the backdrop of this world-class venue.

has hosted a range of events including broadcast and production for the EHC – European Haemophilia Consortium Conference – which brought people from 4 continents together for 5 days in a complete remote virtual experience powered by AVCOM & Venuesworld.  This seamless delegate experience and featured 43 speakers, workshops, and exhibitors.  They have also hosted virtual conferences for Irish Life and The Irish Hospital Consultants Association’s AGM for Procomm, hosted on OCTA the Venuesworld and AVCOM virtual events platform.

Check out the range of virtual options at Croke Park at


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