Discover Hybrid Event Technology Benefits with Aventri


There are numerous advantages to being able to streamline business workflows using an integrated platform for your virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. The power, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of having one license, one log-in, and one support team ensures you have all the tools you need to plan, host, and manage your event from start to finish.

While virtual events can’t replace the dynamism of in-person ones, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be engaging. With a fully integrated virtual event management platform, it is much easier to streamline the process from start to finish, including event planning, marketing, hosting, and post-event follow-ups.

There’s a lot more to virtual events than simply streaming live sessions – the right platform also provides engagement features, where attendees can get to know each other, while online registration makes it easy to sign up and for the organizer to capture essential data. Let’s also not forget that virtual events have an enormous cost advantage, making them essential in the world of international business.

Hybrid events present even more opportunities, especially as organizations make the gradual return to in-person activities. Presenting the best of both worlds, an online event management platform like Aventri’s lets you manage virtual and in-person activities, such as conferences and trade fairs, in parallel without the burden of having to manage two completely separate entities.


Your efforts could end up going to waste if you don’t have a reliable way to move your leads further down the sales funnel or follow up with attendees afterward. That’s why integrations with your CRM or marketing automation tools are so important, especially in a time when the typical business uses dozens or even hundreds of different tools and platforms for their routine operations.

Another important benefit of virtual events is that, like any other digital activities, they leave a trail of data from which you can draw actionable insights. But with technology solutions that can also accommodate hybrid and in-person events, you can gather actionable data from across the full range of in-person and digital activities, giving event organizers a comprehensive view of the value their events generate.

While most of the emphasis remains on virtual events, for the time being, many of these will likely merge into hybrid events later in the year. Hybrid events incorporate both virtual meetings and conferences and onsite activities like in-person workshops and seminars. After this initial transition back towards normality, onsite events will likely see a massive comeback. The event management software solutions you choose must be ready for this.

The integrated approach can accommodate events of all kinds – virtual, hybrid, and in-person. No longer do virtual events have to lack engagement, and no longer do in-person ones have to lack the data-driven insights needed to empower success. The power of having one platform to do everything simply cannot be underestimated.



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