YAY The networking app – that breaks down those awkward barriers and gets you networking


A common problem during a conference or event is people naturally feel shy and the idea of moving around and meeting people is pretty daunting. So we created YAY, a simple networking app that allows people to break down these barriers and help build relationships. 

Users sign up before the event, upload a selfie and answer 5 simple questions. During the event the game is started and users receive an SMS with a link to the game – they are then given a random person to find – to prove they have found the correct person, they must answer one of the questions correctly. 

During each round, users are randomly selected to win prizes, thus promoting continued use. The app has huge engagement, breaks the ice in a playful way and is always a great success.

All the functionality is customisable to the event. At the end of each session, you can view who you’ve met and what you learned about them, and even add them on Linkedin.

The results

YAY has been incredibly popular with attendees everywhere that we have run the game. It’s great to watch people play, at times even ‘run’ around the room in order to win prizes. Specifically at the BNP Paribas event in Nice, in combination with a few drinks at the beach bar, YAY made getting to know other delegates instant, easy and really good fun. And it made for a really memorable training event. 

Visit https://www.itsyay.com/ for more information

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