Why Swapcard is your best bet for profitable, seamless virtual & hybrid events


We know how you’re feeling. The past 6 months have been confusing, scary and stressful. You’re tired of the same old Zoom meetings, catching up with friends and colleagues over video calls and technical difficulties at almost every online meeting.

We’re also convinced that you’ve spent hours scouring lists on the internet to find a platform that can help you take your events virtual and still make money. There’s so much choice out there it’s overwhelming. How do you know which one is right for you, which platform is good value for money and which company you can trust?

We know how you feel, but we also know what you need. At Swapcard we believe in evolving, pushing the limits and leading the industry into the future. We know that virtual conferences are not webinars, even though many of them have felt that way recently.

Right now, your biggest questions are probably surrounding monetization of your virtual events, networking & attendee engagement, and how to analyze all the data you’ve suddenly started owning through online events.


If you’ve been feeling worried about attracting sponsors for your virtual events, relax: a little-known fact is that virtual events are more profitable for both sponsors and organizers than physical ones, you just have to know how to structure the packages and become data-driven. Swapcard’s event platform has a live dashboard for exhibitors and sponsors, helping them track their ROI in real time and giving them valuable feedback on their marketing investments.

We synchronise with any registration and live streaming tool on the market today, so say goodbye to countless different passwords and having 50 tabs open at once. Swapcard is an all-in-one platform where you can organize your entire event from one simple organizer studio.

We can also help you maximize attendance. The platform is available in 15 languages (and counting) and adapts to each attendee’s timezone, meaning your event can welcome limitless attendees from all over the world. And getting them to engage is no problem with our live discussion, Q&A, polls and video call features. They can network and chat “face-to-face” even though they’re miles apart.

One of our specialities at Swapcard is building a 24/7 online platform that serves as a meeting and networking space for your global or local community, a marketplace where exhibitors can display and sell products all year long and a series with new content streamed regularly alongside older content, available on-demand. You can monetize your content by structuring different levels of membership. We encourage this platform to be accompanied by an annual hybrid event where people can join from home or in-person. If you sell platform and hybrid event membership to attendees and a commission-based subscription to exhibitors and partners, there’s no telling how high your profits can go.

We’ve partnered with International Confex and helped take multiple Informa and Clarion events virtual over the past 6 months. We’ve also worked with Africa Energy Forum, Top Drawer and The Economist. We’ve got the technology and the expertise you need right now, so go ahead and get a demo to see what our features will look like at your event.

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